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The 20 best legal drafting software options — a rundown
16 August 2021
Emerging Legal Professions in 2021: The most in-demand legal tech jobs — and their salaries.
28 July 2021
Top 20 Legal Software Systems To Help You Run Your Law Firm
22 July 2021
6 Steps To Create an Efficient Contract Approval Process
16 July 2021
How To Optimize Your Contract Management Workflows
9 July 2021
17 Features of Contract Management System You Should Know
7 July 2021
Contract Repository System: How to Store Important Documents
6 July 2021
Automation of Contract Management: 8 Ways to Increase Efficiency
2 July 2021
The Top 15 Cloud-Based Contract Management Systems for 2021
29 June 2021
12 Benefits of Contract Management Software You Simply Can’t Pass Up
25 June 2021
12 Legal Collaboration Software Options, and How to Choose Between Them
9 June 2021
11 Free Contract Management Software Options For Your Business
4 June 2021
Contract Management Software for Small Business: Get Our 14 Best Picks
1 June 2021
The Hottest File Management Software of 2021
24 May 2021
Document Generation Software: Our Top 15 Picks for 2021
6 May 2021
Finance Contract Software Comparison: Which is Best?
3 May 2021
12 Best HR Document Management Software to Choose in 2021
13 April 2021
How to set the right contract lifecycle management metrics for your business?
7 April 2021
Your Guide to the 16 Best Contract Lifecycle Management Software Platforms
26 March 2021
Contract Lifecycle Management Best Practices: 8 Proven Techniques to Build A Digital Contract Workflow
8 March 2021
Digital Lawyer #10: Testing, iterations and failures with legal software systems
29 January 2021
Construction Contracts Management Software: Manage your subcontracting process with ease
25 January 2021
Contract Lifecycle Management Software Pricing: Avokaado Plans Overview
20 January 2021
Get to yes: Corporate document collaboration to online document signing, in days
11 December 2020
Automated Contract Drafting: How To Draft Documents Faster, with Greater Accuracy
3 December 2020
Digital Lawyer #9: Legal and compliance leaders’ priorities in 2020
1 December 2020
10 LegalTech Stats Every Business Leader Should Know in 2020
18 November 2020
Digital Lawyer #8: Legal operations strategy and KPIs
30 October 2020
Contract Lifecycle Management: Avokaado Productivity Boosters [Product Updates]
20 October 2020
Digital Lawyer #7: Mindful Digital Transformation and Change Management for Lawyers
30 September 2020
Legal Document Automation and Digitalisation: How and Where to Start
17 September 2020
Digital Lawyer #6: Be a problem expert, not a tech expert
27 August 2020
The Role of Contract Automation Solutions When Moving From Startup to Scale Up
25 August 2020
In-house Legal Operations: 5 Ways To Make Your Legal Team Cost-Effective in 2020
12 August 2020
A Digital Lawyer #5: Demystifying legal digitalisation: approaches, tools and reflections
28 July 2020
5 Reasons to Automate Contract Lifecycle Management
15 July 2020
A Digital Lawyer #4: The “more for less” challenge and cost optimisation
29 June 2020
Contract Lifecycle Management: Get More Done with Updated Avokaado [Product Updates]
16 June 2020
A Digital Lawyer #3: A new knowledge economy and legal industry
29 May 2020
Document Collaboration for Better Lawyer-Client Relationships
27 May 2020
Legal Collaboration, Contract Automation, and Value Shifting
12 May 2020
A Digital Lawyer #2: Leveraging the “new normal” in the legal industry
28 April 2020
A Digital Lawyer #1: Re-thinking legal operations during the crisis
30 March 2020
What is Design Thinking for Lawyers?
27 March 2020
NDA Document Template: Step-by-Step Guide for Automation
10 March 2020
Automated Contract Drafting: Why MS Word is not Enough For Your Legal Team in 2020
19 February 2020
Kaupo Lepasepp Interview: 4 Strategic Pillars for Successful Technology Implementation in a Law Firm
14 January 2020
Law Firm Technology Innovation: A Brief Guide to Implementing Legal Software Systems
10 January 2020
Contract Creation Management Productivity Boosters [Product Updates]
7 January 2020
Avokaado & Tele2: a modern love story when a corporate meets a startup
16 December 2019
Aku Sorainen Interview: Strategy, Results And Learnings of Using Document Automation In a Law Firm
6 December 2019
Contract Automation: How to Close Deals Faster with Automated Legal Forms
24 October 2019
Legal Design Takeaways for Client-Centric Law Firms
24 September 2019
Founding a company in Estonia is now even easier
21 February 2019
Authorities of the management board member
26 July 2017
Common mistakes in document creation
19 July 2017

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