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Contract Lifecycle Management: Avokaado Productivity Boosters [Product Updates]

The third quarter is over, just like this! We’ve certainly had a busy few months here at Avokaado, upgrading our contract lifecycle management toolkit according to our users’ feedback and requests.

We are proud to present three new Avokaado productivity boosters to empower any legal team with even more scalable, smart and efficient document workflow.

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Draft a contract in two languages simultaneously  


Bilingual documents have always been a royal pain. It means inserting the same data in both languages, formatting the legal drafting, making sure that all the information is correctly matching and there is no sloppy translation of specific terms. 


With an upgraded questionnaire in Avokaado it’s now possible to draft a contract in any language by using predefined options and choices and get your document complete in two languages simultaneously. 

What do I get?

You no longer need to waste time on duplicating your input nor double-checking the answers for errors and typos. It’s just enough to go through the questionnaire you’ve completed and make sure you picked up the right options. Bilingual documents are no hassle anymore.



Enable a transparent document workflow in controlled environment  


Knowing each document’s status and deadlines by heart is a very lawyers’ thing to do. Also, a lawyer has to keep a task-team and singers informed about an agreed or approaching deadlines. But even the best memory can forget about the due dates when dealing with tons of different documents.

Deadlines are one thing. But the worst surprise would be to find out mistakes or unexpected edits in the document when the deadline is about to hit. Track changes in Word doesn’t always serve properly to lawyers’ needs. 


To avoid this friction in the document workflow and make sure you have control over your documents’ progress we’ve improved our document collaboration with following capabilities:

  • Controlled and collaborative document editing:

Be confident allowing your collaborator to edit the draft, insert missing data or make changes. Your document audit-trail tracks every possible step and action taken by the collaborators and you’ll get email notifications right away.

When sharing a draft for editing you can approve or disapprove the changes made by a collaborator and open a discussion to suggest new changes. No approval is done without your final review. 

  • Add and short the attachments:

You and collaborators can add the attachments to the original documents task throughout the drafting phase. The owner of the document task decides which of them will go to signing and which are added as additional documents are not signable.

  • One-window document collaboration:

You can enable all collaborators to leave their approvals in a specific order or simultaneously within one platform. You will be also able to track changes and activities from the same place. Reminders will help you notify collaborators automatically about contract’s due date or deadlines in advance. 

👉  Read more about collaborative document editing and user roles in Avokaado. 

What do I get?

No need to jump back to emails and send approval requests back and forth or download and upload signed documents. The improved collaborative documentation and workflow enable lawyers to facilitate actions of the involved parties, bring communication in one place and be in control of each and every document. 

Use a legal electronic signature to execute a contract straight from the platform 


As a cherry on top, electronic signature is available and included in the document workflow, so that you don’t need to download the document and send it for signing over email, nor create an account with the digital or electronic signature provider, nor pay for signatures additional fees. 


Share a document for signing via the platform and decide which signature provider to use for that document. Your collaborators do not have to have an Avokaado account – they will get access to the document through a shared link and by adding the password by their own choice.

What do I get?

E-Signing is instant and seamless with eIDAS compliant Dokobit signature or a global alternative SignNow. Depending on your jurisdiction you can choose between signatures and finish documents without ever leaving the platform. Now all the signed documents can stay at one platform and you can easily manage the documents post-signing – add reminders for renewal or review, search and group them to the folders.

👉  Avokaado is a pioneer in digitising legal services. Our team is an expert in building scalable document workflows and collaboration platforms. Talk to the team and we’ll show how you can start designing your own document workflow today. 

Quarter 4, 2020: Public template database and extended document collaboration

Our product team has a number of new features and functionality tools in making, and we’d like to point out some of the biggest improvements already now:

  • Template ecosystem and store will be launched in October 2020: lawyers can start adding their templates into the store so other lawyers could use the benefits of the automated templates. Startups and SMEs will be also invited to use the templates and be able to start document workflows with ease – even without an in-house legal team. With this, a central hub of lawyer-proof templates will be accessible for anyone 24/7 from anywhere.
  • A customer role for law firms: shared folders for drafted documents and templates will help your law firm share new versions with your customers. To be released this November 2020.
  • Document collaboration will get the next major iteration: shared folders with user groups and company 360 degrees view will be launched in November 2020.

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