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contract automation

Manage your contract workflow from drafting to signing in one unified workspace.

Manage your WORKFLOWS

Manual workflows are bottlenecks for business transactions. With old-school tools teams like HR, sales and legal are not able to work efficiently together to close deals and manage risks at the same time. With automated workflow templates are pre-made, contracts' progress is shown, tasks are assigned and deadlines are set up.

Tele2 case study: before and after Avokaado

Productivity killers
Traditional Way
Entering the same information several times
Searching for the correct clauses and wording
Collecting input pieces from each party
Delegating contracting from legal to other business units
Not possible
Up to 78% more efficient

Document template AUTOMATION

Automate your contract templates with automated choices, formatting and tooltips. Every decision leads to the right clause which is guided with tooltips and helpful best practices. You can pre-set default answers, enable available options or restrict changes.

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Onboard team members on one shared platform where all negotiations, changes, and notifications will take place. With automated contracts HR, sales and other business units can collaborate on contracts in one place including approvals and signing. With a visual dashboard, you can also track who has opened the contract.

Law firms and businesses who alreadyavokaado

  • We tested several technologies and solutions, and knowingly chose Avokaado, because here we see much greater potential than just automating and drafting standard documents. We like it because our lawyers like how easily they can start using the solution.
    Kaupo Lepasepp Sorainen Law Firm

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