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Advice, education, and insights for teams seeking document and contract efficiency.

Data-Driven Contract Management: 11 SharePoint Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Enjoy powerful contract workflows with these 11 SharePoint alternatives, empowering your organization with efficient and data-driven processes.

BambooHR Integration With Contract Management For Successful HR Teams

Discover how the Avokaado and BambooHR integration can make your HR department data-driven, processes transparent and efficient, life easier, and, dare we say, enjoyable.

Top 17 In-house Legal Software To Save You Time and Money

Discover the top 17 in-house legal software that help your business save time and money. Evaluate and choose the best one for you.

20 Best Legal Drafting Software Options

Learn about the best legal drafting software to help you automate your contracts processes and transform internal efficiencies.

6 Essential Elements of a Contract: Know What Makes A Contract Enforceable

Study the 6 essential elements of a contract: offer, acceptance, consideration, intention to create legal relations, legality and capacity, and certainty.

11 Document Approval Software That Can Scale Your Operations

Find the best document approval software for your needs: manage, review, and approve paperwork so your work gets done faster. Check out our top 11 picks here.

Top 12 Cloud-based Document Management Systems That Will Increase Your Efficiency

Manage your documents from any device, anywhere using a cloud-based document management system. We rounded up the 12 best software for you to get started.

12 Document Workflow Solutions That Will Help You Work Faster

Compare 12 best document workflow solutions. Start using the right tools to keep your documents organized and compliant.

HR Expo Recap: Empowering HR Teams with Contract Automation

Looking back at Avokaado's workshops at HR Expo 2023. Prepare to gain insights how we're changing the game for HR teams with contract management and seamless HRIS integrations.

What Is CLM Software and How Can It Help HR Managers?

Even for the most organised HR manager, managing contracts can be tough. Let’s get to know CLM software designed for this task.

The Risks and Consequences of Poor Management of Employee Data

Failure to secure employee data management can result in threatening consequences for your company.

HRIS Integration With CLM: Lead HR Efficiently

Protecting your employees is protecting your business. Failure to secure employee data management can result in threatening consequences for your company.

Streamline Recruiting With HR Business Process Optimization

While finding the right talent is important, if the recruitment process is too time-consuming — it’s still inefficient.

Top 12 HR Software Tools to Make Your Work More Efficient

HR software is designed to help HR leaders manage employee data, tracking everything from recruitment and onboarding to performance and benefits.

What Is an Electronic Contract and How to Manage It?

An electronic contract is a legally binding agreement drafted and signed electronically. Find out how to create, sign, and manage them here.

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