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Cutting-edge platform to help sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently

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Avokaado CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) is a cutting-edge platform that can help sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently. The platform provides sales teams with a centralized location to manage all aspects of the contract lifecycle, from initial agreements to termination agreements and everything in between. With Avokaado CLM, sales teams can streamline their processes, reduce errors and inconsistencies, and close deals in a more timely and effective manner.

Integrate with your CRM software

One of the key benefits of Avokaado CLM is its ability to integrate with popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. This integration makes it easier for sales teams to manage their contracts within the context of their existing workflows. With all of their contracts in one place, sales teams can more easily manage contract renewals, amendments, and other updates, without having to switch between different systems.

Get notified when action needed

Another key feature of Avokaado CLM is its ability to provide notifications based on agreement dates. This can help sales teams to stay on top of important contract milestones and deadlines, and ensure that all of their contracts are up to date and in good standing. Automated renewals are another helpful feature, as they help to ensure that sales teams never miss an opportunity to renew an important contract.

In addition to these benefits, Avokaado CLM also helps sales teams to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This is especially important for sales teams that work with regulated industries, such as healthcare or finance. By automating key compliance processes, sales teams can be confident that they are meeting all of their obligations, and that they are protected against potential legal and financial risks.

Best contracting tool for sales and revenue operations

In conclusion, Avokaado CLM is an essential tool for sales teams that want to close deals faster and more efficiently. With its ability to integrate with popular CRM platforms, provide notifications based on agreement dates, and automate key compliance processes, Avokaado CLM is the solution that sales teams have been looking for. Whether you're working with initial agreements, termination agreements, amendments, purchase orders, or any other type of employment-related document, Avokaado CLM is the platform that can help you to streamline your operations and close deals more effectively.

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Private Workspace

Manage all your contracts in a secure, private workspace in the Google Cloud Platform. Available out-of-the-box for every customer. Add your brand, colors, and even custom domain name to make your contracting portal natively yours. On-prem solution is available on demand as well.

Secure and private workspace in the cloud
Add your brand to make it yours
Available as cloud and on-prem setup
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Contract Automation

Enjoy a no-code, clause-based environment to automate contracts of any complexity. Create contract templates in hours using a wide range of built-in tools including variables, choices, and conditions. Design and manage your company-wide clause and templates library. No more mess with contract versions.

Clause-based contract automation in any browser
Dynamic variables, conditional clauses and much more
Native multilingual support
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Advanced Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members and 3rd parties throughout the contract lifecycle. Invite viewers and editors to negotiate the terms, and add approvers and signers along the way. Take over control of the full contracting workflow without hassle. All in your private cloud.

Built-in negotiation and collaboration tools
Approving and signing workflows
Full activity report
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Electronic Signatures

Sign contracts right inside your workspace using qualified electronic signatures providers like Dokobit and SignNow. Unlimited signatures are included with every Avokaado workspace. We make sure you can sign legally binding documents with any party across the globe.

Built-in Dokobit support
Globally compliant SignNow support
Unlimited signature with every workspace
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Storage and Management

Keep and manage all your contracts in Avokaado's secure workspace. Easily organize your storage with folders and tags. Share documents and folders across business units, users, and groups. Get a grasp on what is important with dashboard, search, and filters.

Organize storage across business units
Manage documents and folders access
Re-use data and bulk edit documents.
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Connected Contracts

Link your contracts to external systems such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Personio, BambooHR, Pipedrive, and others with the built-in integrations provided or request access to the Avokaado CLM Rest-API and connect your workspace to any system within your organization.

HRIS integrations (Persona, BambooHR, etc.)
CRM integrations (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.)
Rest-API availability
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