Automating Revenue Operation

Close Deals Faster with End-to-end Contracting Process Automation

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Avokaado OIP (Operational Intelligence Platform) is designed to help sales teams close deals faster and more efficiently. Whether you have a simple sales workflow with a few stakeholders or a complex process with many collaborators, Avokaado OIP supports you. Customize documents, processes, stakeholders, and integrations to create the workflow that works for your revenue team.

Automate Any Revenue-Related Document

Quotes, SoWs, proposals, service agreements, amendments - all can be automated with the Avokaado Platform. With the help of our legal engineers, you can create automated templates of any complexity, including conditional logic to streamline even the most intricate sales processes. With all agreements automated, your sales team doesn’t need to worry about which version to use or who to involve. Instead, they can focus on the customers.

Need KYC? We Have You Covered.

Many services now require a KYC process to ensure safe business transactions. Avokaado OIP provides a simple framework to build a custom KYC process tailored to your revenue team’s needs. Keep track of all your counterparties in one place, request additional information or documents, all within a simple and secure platform that you can customize for your specific needs.

Negotiate on the Spot

Sending contracts via email, tracking changes, redlining, and requesting additional contract information is now a thing of the past. With the Avokaado Platform, everything happens in a single, centralized, and branded workspace of your company. Invite partners and their representatives to collaborate on the contract and monitor the process. Add comments, suggest changes, populate documents with data, add reminders, and track document activity - everything to help you close deals faster.

Populate Contracts with Your CRM Data. Automatically.

Connect your CRM (check our integrations page for supported CRMs) and forget about copying and pasting partners’ data in and out of your CRM. With a simple, no-code interface, you can configure which fields should be transferred to Avokaado OIP and where they should appear in the contract. Set up automated triggers to create contract drafts when a deal enters a specific sales cycle stage. Interested in more complex integrations? No problem - we have Avokaado Rest API to integrate any system with your Avokaado Workspace.

Sign Contracts Locally and Globally

Avokaado OIP has built-in electronic signatures for every workspace. You don't need to upload contracts to DocuSign, Dokobit, or any other account - we have this part of the process built-in. Avokaado supports the majority of EU countries, and for signatures outside the EU, we integrated SignNow by Signicat. To use any of the signatures, you don’t need to have accounts with these service providers. Sign anything, anywhere, anytime, all inside your private and secure workspace powered by Avokaado Platform.

Process Your Existing Contracts With Avokaado AI

Avokaado AI helps you manage your existing legacy contracts. Identify which data points you need from your documents, and our AI will extract them automatically. Upload all your documents, choose the data structure, and witness the transformation of your documents into actionable data. It works well for any type of sales contract and in nearly any language.

All Your Sales Contract Data at a Glance

As Avokaado OIP is built around data, every contract is presented as a set of data points. This data-centric approach allows you to track all your contract data in a separate view where only relevant commercial information is visible. All data points in the revenue contracts you want to monitor are completely customizable to your business needs. It’s like a document management system on steroids, where anyone can see only relevant contract details. Need to share contract data with your teammates? Not a problem - just choose which data should be shared, and they will receive an access link.

Running International Revenue Operations? No Problem!

Whether you need bi-lingual contracts, a centralized repository between countries, or international electronic signatures - Avokaado OIP has you covered. Keep centralized templates, distribute them between countries, and track progress in one central location.

Secure and Private by Default

Avokaado OIP infrastructure is designed with the highest possible grade of security and privacy for cloud solutions. Every workspace exists as a separate entity, including its database and all your data. Only designated people can access your workspace. If your company policy requires an enterprise-grade level, we offer an on-prem solution, where you can set up your own copy of Avokaado and ensure it is compliant with all requirements.

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Private Workspace

Manage all your contracts in a secure, private workspace in the Google Cloud Platform. Available out-of-the-box for every customer. Add your brand, colors, and even custom domain name to make your contracting portal natively yours. On-prem solution is available on demand as well.

Secure and private workspace in the cloud
Add your brand to make it yours
Available as cloud and on-prem setup
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Contract Automation

Enjoy a no-code, clause-based environment to automate contracts of any complexity. Create contract templates in hours using a wide range of built-in tools including variables, choices, and conditions. Design and manage your company-wide clause and templates library. No more mess with contract versions.

Clause-based contract automation in any browser
Dynamic variables, conditional clauses and much more
Native multilingual support
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Advanced Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members and 3rd parties throughout the contract lifecycle. Invite viewers and editors to negotiate the terms, and add approvers and signers along the way. Take over control of the full contracting workflow without hassle. All in your private cloud.

Built-in negotiation and collaboration tools
Approving and signing workflows
Full activity report
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Electronic Signatures

Sign contracts right inside your workspace using qualified electronic signatures providers like Dokobit and SignNow. Unlimited signatures are included with every Avokaado workspace. We make sure you can sign legally binding documents with any party across the globe.

Built-in Dokobit support
Globally compliant SignNow support
Unlimited signature with every workspace
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Storage and Management

Keep and manage all your contracts in Avokaado's secure workspace. Easily organize your storage with folders and tags. Share documents and folders across business units, users, and groups. Get a grasp on what is important with dashboard, search, and filters.

Organize storage across business units
Manage documents and folders access
Re-use data and bulk edit documents.
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Connected Contracts

Link your contracts to external systems such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Personio, BambooHR, Pipedrive, and others with the built-in integrations provided or request access to the Avokaado CLM Rest-API and connect your workspace to any system within your organization.

HRIS integrations (Persona, BambooHR, etc.)
CRM integrations (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.)
Rest-API availability
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