Public sector

Perfect contracting solution for government agencies and non-profits

"Avokaado has become a great tool that has streamlined our work with client forms and contracts, systematized the storage of these documents, simplified the process of signing and saved our most valuable resource - time, which we can use to provide better services to our clients."

Andrei Novikov
Senior Legal Counsel at Magrat

The public sector, including government agencies and non-profit organizations, often face a significant amount of paperwork and documentation requirements. With the implementation of Avokaado CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management), they can streamline their contracting process, reducing the time and effort spent on manual contract management tasks. Here are some key benefits of using Avokaado CLM in the public sector:

  1. Improved Contract Management: Avokaado CLM allows for centralization of all contracts in one secure, easy-to-use platform. This provides real-time access to all contracts, reduces the risk of misplacement or loss of important documents, and ensures one source of truth for all contract information.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Automated workflows, real-time collaboration and access to a legal knowledge base and clauses library helps public sector organizations save time and effort in the contract creation and management process.
  3. Enhanced Compliance: With the ability to store automated templates, organizations can ensure consistent and compliant contracts every time. The platform also offers the ability to track contract dates, obligations, and renewals, which helps organizations stay compliant with laws and regulations.
  4. Better Contract Tracking: Avokaado CLM provides real-time tracking and reporting of contract data and activities, including who has reviewed and signed the contract, and when. This level of transparency can help organizations better understand the status of their contracts, reduce risk, and make informed decisions.
  5. Integrations: Avokaado CLM can be integrated with other systems such as CRM, HRIS, and ERP, which allows for seamless transfer of contract data and increased efficiency.

In conclusion, by utilizing Avokaado CLM, public sector organizations can improve their contracting process, saving time and resources, while ensuring compliance and transparency. The platform is designed to make contract management simple, efficient and reliable, which can lead to better decision making and enhanced overall performance.

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