How Ramirent Gained Control Over Their Contract Automation Process with Avokaado

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Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
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300 hundred HR contracts in 3 months

Ramirent Baltic AS is the leading service company offering rental equipment to companies operating in the construction sector and other fields of activity in the Baltics. With 47 departments, including 17 departments across Estonia, the company has over 260 employees. Their mission is to help people work more safely, and they achieve this by providing the best possible service to their clients.

Ramirent began using Avokaado in 2022 and by now with a team of five people from HR, management, and compliance involved in the contract automatization process, they have succeeded to automate more than 300 contracts in just 3 months.

Ramirent faced a significant challenge in automating their contract process before implementing Avokaado, they faced a lot of back-and-forth emails that slowed down the contracting process. It was difficult to keep track of document versions and understand which documents were actually in use. Additionally, their contracting process was not well-defined nor consistently followed, and they had only limited usage of standardized templates across the company.

After implementing Avokaado, they experienced a completely new level of control over the contract process. The platform offers transparency in document management and efficiency from automation. With Avokaado's user-friendly interface, they were able to easily navigate the system and find the information they needed, increasing efficiency and adoption.

Furthermore, Avokaado's ability to offer country-specific signing options, including QES or simple electronic signing, allowed Ramirent to choose the option that best suited their business needs and compliance requirements.

By simplifying and standardizing its contract management process, Ramirent was able to control risks and improve the employee experience. With all actions from the first employee onboarding datasheet to employment contract package signing in one platform, employees could quickly and easily access the information they needed.

A completely new experience with Avokaado

Ramirent’s contract automation process before Avokaado was basic and not consistently followed. They had basic tools or systems used for managing contracts, but these were not consistently used. Avokaado was a completely new experience for the team, and implementing the system was challenging because of its unique approach to document management.

However, after using Avokaado for three months, Ramirent found that it offers controlled risks through simplified and correct document management and improved employee experience by keeping all actions from the first datasheet to signing on one platform. Avokaado is built for people, and its user-friendly interface can make it easier to navigate the system and find the information they need, increasing efficiency and adoption.

Efficiency gains and values with Avokaado

Avokaado provides Ramirent with various efficiency gains and values, including:

  1. Increased efficiency: Before using Avokaado, Ramirent had a basic contracting process in place, but it was not well-defined or consistently followed. With Avokaado, they can automate their contract management process, allowing them to be more efficient in managing their documents.
  2. Standardized templates: They had only limited usage of standardized templates across the company before, but with Avokaado, they can now use standardized templates across the organization.
  3. Compliance: Avokaado offers signing options for each country, whether it is a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) or simple electronic signing, allowing Ramirent to choose the option according to their business needs and compliance requirements.

Customer success and legal engineering: Key to successful CLM implementation

Implementing a contract lifecycle management (CLM) software is a big undertaking for any organization, and it requires careful planning and execution. In addition to selecting the right software, it is essential to have a robust support system in place to ensure successful implementation and adoption.

At Avokaado, we recognize that every customer is unique, and our customer success team works closely with each client to understand their specific needs and tailor our solution accordingly. We also provide legal engineering services to ensure that our clients' existing contracts and templates are mapped to our platform's clause library and data structure.

Before adopting Avokaado, Ramirent had a basic contract management process in place, but it was not well-defined or consistently followed, and there was limited usage of standardized templates across the company. Ramirent's contract automation team included members from HR, Management, and Compliance, and they had no previous experience with a CLM tool.

Our customer success team worked with Ramirent's contract automation team to ensure a smooth transition to Avokaado. We provided comprehensive training and support, including onboarding and regular check-ins to ensure that the team was getting the most out of the platform. Our legal engineering team mapped Ramirent's existing contracts and templates to Avokaado's templates and data structure, ensuring that all relevant clauses and data were organized and combined across locations and functions.

The result of our collaboration with Ramirent was a successful implementation that led to significant efficiency gains and improved employee experience. Ramirent's contract automation team was able to automate more than 300 contracts in the last three months alone, and they continue to grow their usage of Avokaado every week.

When implementing a new tool or software, it is crucial to have a strong support system in place. Customer support is critical to ensure that users can easily navigate the platform, troubleshoot any issues, and get the most out of the software's features. In summary, customer support is a crucial aspect of any CLM implementation. It helps to ensure that the software is being used effectively, leading to significant efficiency gains and improved employee experience.


Ramirent's success story is a testament to Avokaado's commitment to user-friendliness, customer success, and legal engineering services. By working closely with Ramirent's contract automation team, we were able to ensure a smooth implementation and provide ongoing support to help them achieve their goals.

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies need to have efficient and streamlined contract management processes to stay competitive. Avokaado's CLM software helps organizations automate their contract processes, reduce risks, and improve the employee experience.

If you're interested in learning more about how Avokaado can help your organization automate your contract management processes, improve compliance, and reduce risks, book a demo with us today.

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