Cookies policy

1. Cookies are small text files that can be conveyed to the user’s device via the Web Site. Cookies or other corresponding techniques may be used to collect information on the user’s use of Avokaado and the user’s device via the Web Site. Such information may include also information regarding the usage of the Web Site and Services, details of performed inquiries, technological data (IP address, connection devices, operation system) and other similar information.

2. Avokaado uses following types of cookies:

2.1. essential cookies – these cookies are essential in order to enable user to use the Web Site and Avokaado and its features. Without these cookies Avokaado cannot be used.

2.2. performance cookies – these cookies collect information about the usage of the Web Site and Avokaado. They are used to improve the functioning of the Web Site and Avokaado.

2.3. functionality cookies – these cookies enable the Web Site and Avokaado to remember choices user makes in order to provide more personalized features.

3. Cookies used on Avokaado:

Provider Cookie name Cookie type Expiration Purpose
Avokaado *sid Essential 3 hours after logout Identify user
Avokaado t Performance 30 days Enabling homepage and platform communication
Avokaado _xsrf Essential Session Security – prevent cross site forgery requests
Intercom intercom-id Functionality 1 year Helps to identify user and its device for user support

4. The user may prevent the use of cookies by changing the user’s browser settings and delete cookies through the same settings. The user should note, however, that the removal of cookies or blocking their use may have a detrimental effect on the use of Avokaado or its specific sections or functions or even entirely prevent such use. The user cannot prevent the use of essential cookies.

5. Avokaado may change the cookies without notifying the Client separately. The notice will appear on the website.