HR Expo Recap: Empowering HR Teams with Contract Automation

Greetings from this year's HR Expo 👋

The event brought together over 800 passionate HR management enthusiasts for a day full of networking, insightful discussions, and engaging workshops. Attendees were eager to explore the latest innovations in products and services designed to simplify and enhance their work. Our team had the pleasure of showcasing how we’re changing the game for HR teams and seamlessly integrating data flows for contract generation with well-known HRIS tools such as Personio, Persona, HiBob, BambooHR etc.

In this article, we'll revisit the key highlights from our workshops which were hosted by Avokaado's founder and CEO, Mariana Hagström, and Product Manager, Johanna Põldsam. Prepare to gain insights into Avokaado (and aDoc 💡), discover the tangible benefits it offers to HR teams, understand the magic of HRIS integrations, and find out why Studioworks' HR Manager, Kadri, has been an enthusiastic Avokaado advocate since last year's HR Expo. 

Before we dive into the details, let's hear from Mari-Ann at Salv, who shared her thoughts on our workshop:

Mari-Ann Lipetski from Salv quote about Avokaado_HR Expo

Let's embark on this journey of HR innovation and discover how Avokaado is reshaping the landscape! 🚀

Avokaado and aDoc in a nutshell

Avokaado isn't just your run-of-the-mill contract management system; it's a revolutionary solution that combines all from the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Document Management System (DMS) with the focus on data, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the focus on workflows. Our mission is to support every function in the organisation to run their daily operations smoothly without the need to interact daily with the legal department.

What makes us truly unique? Allow me to introduce you to aDoc, or Actionable Data-Rich Document Format by Avokaado. It's not just another document format; it's the future of PDFs in our data-centric, digital world.

aDoc serves as the foundation for delivering all the remarkable features and advantages you've grown accustomed to with Avokaado. With Avokaado, we've managed to eliminate a minimum of 15 cumbersome touchpoints in your daily workflow. No more tedious data entry, endless email exchanges, waiting for replies, or redundant data input. Everything now flows seamlessly into one efficient workflow.

Now, let's delve into the five key components that make Avokaado a must-have for modern data-driven HR-s. 

Key features of Avokaado CLM

1. Automate contracts and workflows

You can easily create contract templates using a wide range of built-in tools for even the most complex document bundles. You can automate workflows according to the document type, choosing document naming, sharing and management rules, pre-set workflows according to the company corporate governance and data retention rules. Avokaado is clause based so you can also manage all your knowledge base and contracts across locations and countries easily in one central system.

2. Connect your data and tools

Seamless out of the box integrations with the largest number of HR tools is our forte. Avokaado effortlessly links your data and contracts to external HR systems such as Personio, BambooHR, HiBob, Workday but also with your CRM-s like Salesforce, Pipedrive and GSuit. Alternatively, you can request access to the Avokaado CLM Rest-API and easily connect your Avokaado workspace to any system your company relies on.

3. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders

In Avokaado, you can collaborate with your team members and 3rd parties throughout the entire contract lifecycle. Invite viewers and editors for data input, to negotiate the terms, and add approvers and signers along the way. You can automate full cycle or have full control over the single contract workflow and easily clear up any messy processes that you've been tackling so far. 

4. eSign right inside Avokaado with any country

No need to leave Avokaado to get signatures. You can sign with every counterparty no matter the country by using qualified electronic signatures or electronic signatures provided by different partners such as Dokobit/Signicat and SignNow/AirSlate. Unlimited signatures are standard with every Avokaado workspace, ensuring you can sign legally binding documents with parties across the globe.

5. Store and manage documents

Beyond contract and workflow automation, Avokaado serves as a secure repository for all your contracts and contract data. You can organise your storage effortlessly with folders and tags, and share documents and folders seamlessly across business units, users, and groups even outside of your company if needed.

aDoc: from static to smart data

"The aDoc can be either mind-boggling or seamlessly intuitive, as it represents a completely new document format. While it signifies a significant leap in document evolution, for users, it's simplicity itself, requiring no changes in behaviour or learning new skills. The aDoc quietly underpins all the incredible functionality Avokaado offers today and sets the stage for a future where data and AI reign supreme," Mariana explains.

Picture a questionnaire-based intake form with smart fields and logic trees – that's the aDoc in action. Choose your office location, and the right signers are automatically added. Select a position, and salary details appear like magic. This is just a glimpse of the aDoc's capabilities. It's all about data – collecting, categorising, and seamlessly integrating it within Avokaado and your other tools. In the future, it will empower you to automate, analyse, and tailor everything to your preferences.

With Avokaado, you'll join the ranks of innovators leaving behind Word documents and static PDFs to embrace smart documents that do the heavy lifting for you. Welcome to the future of contract management, where efficiency and innovation are at your fingertips. 🚀

Continue reading: Avokaado's aDoc

How Avokaado Enhances HR Operations 

Today, HR teams form the cornerstone of our user base, and it's not by chance. Avokaado offers a suite of features tailor-made for HR professionals that elevate their contract and document management experience. With Avokaado, you can expect custom workspace branding, the freedom to construct your own contract templates and workflows, centralised document storage, local eSignatures, and seamless integrations with popular HRIS tools. But perhaps the most priceless benefit of all is the precious time and nerves saved by bidding farewell to the endless email and waiting game.

Mari-Ann Lipetski from Salv, quote about Avokaado

Key HR documents and workflows in Avokaado:

  1. New employee hiring and onboarding: Streamline the process with job offers, document bundles, annex management, and working rules all in one place.
  2. Freelancers and service providers contracts: Same as a new employee process automation.
  3. Bulk amendments: Effortlessly manage annual salary reviews.
  4. Compliance management: Stay on top of Work Health and Safety documentation and Working Rules management.
  5. GDPR management: Ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
  6. Terminations/Offboarding: Manage amendments, vacations, and more with ease.
  7. Document and access management: Simplify folder sharing and team management.
  8. Approval and signing flows: Customise workflows with predefined orders.

Custom workspace branding

Sending out documents in your company branding is highly valued among our clients. Interestingly, not many other contracting solutions offer it. With Avokaado, you can make your workspace completely your own: add your brand, colours, and a custom domain. 

Flexibility in workflows, templates, and pricing

Flexibility is the name of the game at Avokaado. We understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to managing contracts and business processes. That's why we empower every company to design and create its own templates, workflows, libraries, and integrations. Our pricing model grows with your company, eliminating the need to switch between different contracting solutions as you scale from startup to scaleup to enterprise.

Local eSignatures: a regional advantage

While many contracting tools exist worldwide, Avokaado stands out by supporting local e-signing options in the Baltics, Nordics, and across Europe. This capability is a game-changer for our clients, especially those dealing with high volumes of digitally signed contracts.

HRIS integrations with Personio, Persona, BambooHR, HiBob, and Directo

Both Johanna and Mariana highlighted that our integrations with popular HRIS tools are not just functional; they're exceptional. Our partners and users consistently praise the seamless connections that enable efficient data management. Avokaado isn't a rigid system; it's an enabler that lets you design your own workflows, languages, and data connections. Here's a breakdown of our HR integration options:

  • HiBob, Personio, BambooHR: Map as many data fields as you need, including multilingual documents.
  • Persona: Enjoy the convenience of fixed data fields in templates.
  • Directo: For custom development tailored to your unique requirements.

To see these integrations in action, watch the videos below where Johanna demonstrates how HRIS integrations work within the Avokaado platform.

Avokaado integration with BambooHR, Personio, and HiBob
Avokaado x Personio, BambooHR, HiBob (in English)

Avokaado integration with Persona
Avokaado x Persona (in Estonian)

Making HR Managers smile – a success story with Kadri from Studioworks

Studioworks is a service provider for the online gaming industry specialising in Live Dealer Studio operations in a strictly regulated industry. With aspirations to become Europe's premier live dealer service provider, they've grown to a formidable team of over 300 professionals.

Kadri Avloi from Studioworks, quote about Avokaado

The impact of Avokaado on Studioworks' HR department has been profound. It's saved them time and significantly reduced the likelihood of errors thanks to automated document templates. Contract signing has become a seamless experience for both employers and employees and the seamless integration between Avokaado and Persona V3 has streamlined Studioworks' daily HR operations. Kadri also praises Avokaado's customer support team for their unwavering support and swift solutions and recommends Avokaado to all companies operating in the Estonian market, especially those who prioritise efficient time management and document automation.

A special offer: free consultation and 30% discount on onboarding 

To wrap things up, we’d love to show you how Avokaado enables teams like yours to take your document and contract management to a new level. Every organisation is unique, and our team is eager to share best practices and tailor solutions to your specific use case.

"Don't hesitate to book a demo; our team is here to assist you! Essentially, you'll receive a free consultation where we dive deep into your business needs, explore the systems you currently use, and demonstrate how Avokaado can be your trusted ally," says Mariana Hagström, founder and CEO of Avokaado. 

Ready to explore the possibilities with Avokaado? Book a call with us here.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our dedicated Account Manager in Estonia, Andrin Ratiste, via LinkedIn or email at

PS. To unlock the exclusive onboarding discount, be sure to mention the HR Expo reference during the call.

We look forward to connecting with you at the next HR Expo, where we'll continue to innovate and transform the way the world manages contracts and documents. See you there! 🚀

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