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Text & Structure

The first layer is responsible for the content and structure of the document, serving as a blank canvas for creating any contract structure, including internal cross-references and conditional clauses. This layer is integrated with the organization's library of clauses, providing easy access to a wealth of knowledge.

Stores the initial text of the document
Provides access to contract structure
Connected to organization's knowledge base

Context & Variables

The second layer of the system, known as the aDoc layer, provides context for the clauses (legal or commercial) and organizes all variables in a structured manner. This layer stores critical contract information, such as parties' data, key terms and conditions, dates, stakeholders, signatories, and approvers. It enables interactivity within the text and document structure, providing essential functionality for efficient contract management.

Clauses context and custom tags
Structured contract variables
Choices and conditional clauses

Design & Appearance

The third layer of the aDoc focuses on the design and appearance of the document. It manages the visual aspects, including styling, headers, footers, and title pages, ensuring that your document looks professional and polished. This layer also ensures that the document is optimized for an appearance on different devices, ensuring a consistent look and feel, whether viewed on desktop or mobile.

Full control over document styling
Resposive document design for desktop & mobile
Support of DOCX theme and print layouts

Collaboration & Workflow

The fourth layer of the aDoc holds information about the participants involved in the document, including contract approvers, signatories, and other relevant parties. This layer provides access to all collaborators and makes it easy to manage their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, it controls the workflows that can be performed on the document, streamlining the entire contract management process.

Access signatories and approvers
Workflows based on document terms and condition
Collaborators and viewers

Data & Transactions

The final layer of the aDoc format holds all the contract data, including its source. This layer stores variables, user selections, conditional blocks, and specific contract information, providing a comprehensive record of the agreement. Additionally, it provides links to entities in other systems, such as CRM, HRIS, and ERP, ensuring seamless integration and data accessibility.

Access variables and choices
Reference external data sources
Run transactions on top of contract variables
aDoc - layered document format

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