How Renalis Rapidly Hired and Manages 99 Employees in Multiple Locations with Avokaado

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Renalis, a medical company dedicated to improving the health of patients with kidney failure, was on a mission to expand their clinics and services rapidly. They had to hire 40-50 employees for their first clinics in Estonia, and then the company grew even more after acquiring Fresenius Medical Care in Estonia. This acquisition presented a significant challenge for the sole HR manager to integrate a large number of employees into one legal framework in a very short period of time while ensuring compliance with legal requirements and maintaining efficient HR processes.

Renalis HR Manager’s daunting task

The HR team at Renalis faced the daunting task of first creating, then accelerating and then streamlining all their hiring and contracting processes for their growing workforce in a very limited period of time. They were in need of a solution that could help them efficiently hire by creating appropriate employment templates and workflows and automating the full recruitment process while providing a better employee experience.

After considering various options, Renalis chose Avokaado, a comprehensive contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, to manage their HR processes. Avokaado provided a centralized platform for all their contract-related documents, making it easier for the HR team to create, manage, track, and store all employee-related documents in one place.

The automated recruitment process and streamlined contracting enabled the HR team to save time and focus on more strategic tasks. The platform's flexible customization options also allowed Renalis to configure and integrate the platform according to their needs, helping them expand their usage to different locations and group companies when necessary.

According to the HR manager at Renalis, "Avokaado's comprehensive solution helps us create and maintain strong, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships with our staff and partners."

Overall, Avokaado helped Renalis to overcome the challenges of managing a rapidly growing workforce and integrating a large number of employees into one legal framework after acquiring another company. With the help of Avokaado, Renalis was able to achieve compliance, streamline HR processes, and provide an improved employee experience.

How Renalis streamlined and automated their HR processes with Avokaado from A to Z

Before implementing Avokaado, Renalis used a manual, time-consuming process that involved manual work with Word, Excel, and Outlook and all these programs did not allow HR managers to automate the data and tasks into one workflow. They had to follow up frequently to track the status of documents, who had signed them, and where the final versions were stored.

With Avokaado, Renalis was able to automate and streamline their recruitment process from A-Z, including everything from the initial employee datasheet to the signed contract. They were also able to manage compliance-related documents such as NDAs, working rules, and work health matters, and manage termination and lay-off processes in a more efficient way. With Avokaado, Renalis has created and manages over 450 documents, including comprehensive HR workflows templates (21 in total currently), and handles the employment contracts across multiple locations.

By switching to Avokaado, Renalis was able to streamline and automate their recruitment process from start to finish, including the creation and signing of contracts. They also improved their compliance management, including non-disclosure agreements, working rules, and work health matters. Additionally, Avokaado helped Renalis manage termination and lay-off processes as well as contract management across different functions, locations, and companies.

One of the main benefits of Avokaado for Renalis was that all data was created, handled, and stored in one place, eliminating the need for multiple systems and processes. This allowed Renalis to provide a better employee experience by also enabling their staff to track and manage all their contract details in one place, as well as filling in documents through questionnaires with mindful tooltips and guidance.

Avokaado also helped Renalis improve compliance by managing and collaborating on all work and health-related documents in one place for all employees. This ensured that contracts were accurate and complete, reducing the risk of errors, misunderstandings, unfinished workflows, and lost data.

Moreover, Avokaado provided Renalis with transparency through document management and collaboration across functions, allowing them to easily track and manage contract details in one place. The platform also offered a high level of customization, such as the ability to create custom templates and workflows, enabling Renalis to tailor the system to their specific needs.

Renalis also appreciated that Avokaado's branded workspace allowed them to send out contracts from their own name and branding, providing greater flexibility and integration with their existing systems and processes. In addition, Avokaado's comprehensive solution helped Renalis create and maintain strong, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships with their staff and partners.


In summary, Renalis' experience with Avokaado highlights the many benefits of using a comprehensive contract lifecycle management platform, including streamlined and automated processes, improved compliance, greater transparency and collaboration, and enhanced customization and branding options. By having a complete solution that covers all aspects of document management, including signing, organizations can have confidence in their processes and focus on their core business activities.

If you are facing similar challenges in managing employment contracts and other documents, consider using Avokaado to empower your HR team to contract with confidence without compromising compliance or increasing risks. Book your first meeting with our team here.

Summary of Key Value Points from Renalis Experience:

  1. Avokaado helps organizations streamline their contracting processes, reduce risks, and enhance collaboration with ALL relevant parties.
  2. By using Avokaado, organizations are able to manage an unlimited number of templates for different HR tasks with customizable data fields and clause order.
  3. Organizations are able to manage thousands of connected documents across multiple functions, locations and platforms, keeping the data conistency and integrity.
  4. Avokaado enables to keep the brand and styles of your organization in front and customize even the most complex document and collaboration workflows with messaging relevant to each function and location/language requirements.
  5. Avokaado signing solution cover fully country specific requirements.
  6. Avokaado eliminates the need for multiple systems and processes, providing a better employee experience and improved ongoing compliance.

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Connected Contracts

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