Negotiate, approve, and sign contracts in one place. Take control of the process.

Harness your full contracting process in one place. No more dozens of back-and-forth emails. No more mess with versions and tracking changes.

Harness your full contracting process in one place. No more dozens of back-and-forth emails. No more mess with versions and tracking changes.

Controlled negotiations

Your Avokaado workspace includes a built-in negotiation process. Collaborate on the entire document, make instant changes to specific clauses of the automated template, and engage your counterpart in discussions, all within a controlled environment.

Contract data collection

Collect contract information from partners or coworkers using automatically generated data intake forms for all your contract templates. Store and view different versions of the input data, and move contracts ready for approval or signature.

Approving and signing

Include as many approvers and signatories as desired in every contract. Sequence the process and receive notifications on its status directly in your inbox. These features are already built-in to your workspace.

Activity log

Gain a complete understanding of the status of a specific contract. See who input data, who edited the latest version, who viewed, approved, and signed the document. All information is accessible in the user-friendly activity log for each contract in your workspace.

Discussion board

Communicate with your counterparts directly within the document. Negotiate, modify, or have casual conversations. All of your workspace contracts come equipped with an integrated discussion board.

Reminders and notifications

Receive email notifications for all significant events related to your contracts. You can even create tasks and set reminders for specific actions that you need to complete on specific dates. Your Avokaado workspace will always keep you informed.

Introducing new, layered document format designed for trust and transparency — aDoc

aDoc is a live, and connected document, that is updated automatically in the cloud and integrated into your business processes.

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Learn how business operations master contracting

Automating Revenue Operation

Speed up deal closures with a fully automated contracting and negotiation process. Generate quotes and proposals. Negotiate and sign. Store and analyze. Everything is handled in a single, secure, CRM-integrated Avokaado Operational Intelligence Platform accessible in your browser.

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Upgrading Procurement

Streamline your procurement process with the Avokaado Platform for all procurement operations. Whether you are a procurement professional, purchasing agent, or vendor manager, the Avokaado Operational Intelligence Platform (OIP) will help you manage the procurement flow, from sourcing and contract negotiation to contract execution and monitoring.

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HR Operations Automation

Automate up to 90% of manual work when preparing, negotiating, and executing HR-related documents. Create and manage proposals, employee data forms, employment agreements, amendments, terminations, and even mass amendments. All in one private, secure, and GDPR-compliant workspace powered by Avokaado OIP.

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Legal Operations & Compliance

Manage all your legal operations with a single, secure, and highly customizable Operational Intelligence Platform (OIP). For in-house legal teams, the Avokaado Platform offers an advanced Contract Lifecycle Management solution, providing an excellent toolkit to automate most daily tasks, including drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and executing agreements.

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