Automate contracts of any complexity in a no-code environment

Automate your contracts like a pro. Enjoy a user-friendly interface to design even extremely complex contracts using built-in variables, choices, and conditions.

Automate your contracts like a pro. Enjoy a user-friendly interface to design even extremely complex contracts using built-in variables, choices, and conditions.

Clause-based automation

We use a distinctive, clause-based approach to automating contracts. This approach enables you to divide your contract into logical blocks and clauses that can be easily revised and updated as necessary. With this approach, you can create a library of clauses across the organization to minimize risks and maintain compliance.

Design data intake forms

Create interactive contracts with variables, options, and conditional statements. Automatically share a dynamic data intake form that will populate the contract templates with the necessary information from your partners or coworkers. Keep everything organized and under your control in one location.

Advanced versioning and updates

Both clauses and automated templates have a built-in version control mechanism. Simply updating a clause in the library will update the automated template and all documents utilizing it, eliminating the stress of tracking multiple versions of different clauses and templates.

Native bi-lingual support

Require bilingual contracts? Avokaado has you covered. You can create bilingual templates just as easily as regular ones, while maintaining document structure. Your data intake form can also be designed to support bilingual data fields.

Templates and clauses library

Stay organized and store all your contract templates and clauses in a centralized library. With versioning support and access control, you have a full set of built-in tools to keep your contracts compliant and current. Choose to publish templates for everyone or only specific users or groups.

DOCX and PDF support

Avokaado effortlessly generates DOCX and PDF files from automated templates and documents. The theme configurator enables you to maintain your corporate styling by controlling the appearance of DOCX files you export from the workspace.

Introducing new, layered document format designed for trust and transparency — aDoc

aDoc is a live, and connected document, that is updated automatically in the cloud and integrated into your business processes.

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Learn how business operations master contracting

Revenue operations

Close deals faster with a fully automated contracting process. From the proposal to execution to renewals. All are managed in one, CRM-integrated contracting workspace in your browser.

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Streamlines your procurement process, making it more efficient and effective. Whether you are a procurement professional, a purchasing agent, or a vendor manager, Avokaado CLM can help you manage all aspects of the procurement process, from sourcing and contract negotiation to contract execution and monitoring.

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People operations

From employment agreements and proposals, to termination and bulk amendments, Avokaado CLM makes it easier for organizations to manage their employment-related documents and stay compliant with legal requirements.

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Legal and compliance

Law firms deal with a large volume of contracts on a daily basis, which can be time-consuming and tedious. From initial agreements to terminations and amendments, keeping track of all the documentation can be a challenge. Avokaado CLM offers a solution that streamlines the contract management process and saves time and resources.

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