E-sign legally binding contracts locally and across the globe

Every Avokaado workspace comes with built-in Dokobit and SignNow support so you can sign contracts right inside your own workspace.

Every Avokaado workspace comes with built-in Dokobit and SignNow support so you can sign contracts right inside your own workspace.

Sign globally with SignNow

Avokaado CLM includes built-in support for SignNow, a legally-binding e-signature recognized in any country with electronic signature legislation. Experience a smooth signing process for any contract in your workspace with SignNow.

Go paperless with Dokobit

Take advantage of a completely paperless experience with the Dokobit integration included in your Avokaado workspace. Sign legally binding documents securely and effortlessly within the European Union.

Existing e-signatures support

Avokaado CLM also accommodates your existing electronically signed contracts, such as ASICE, BDOC, EDOC, and many others. Upload, store, and manage them from within your workspace.

Local EU e-signatures

With Dokobit already integrated, we continually expand our availability of qualified e-signatures across the European Union. Need to electronically sign documents in Romania or Germany? We have you covered.

Introducing new, layered document format designed for trust and transparency — aDoc

aDoc is a live, and connected document, that is updated automatically in the cloud and integrated into your business processes.

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Learn how business operations master contracting

Revenue operations

Close deals faster with a fully automated contracting process. From the proposal to execution to renewals. All are managed in one, CRM-integrated contracting workspace in your browser.

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Streamlines your procurement process, making it more efficient and effective. Whether you are a procurement professional, a purchasing agent, or a vendor manager, Avokaado CLM can help you manage all aspects of the procurement process, from sourcing and contract negotiation to contract execution and monitoring.

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People operations

From employment agreements and proposals, to termination and bulk amendments, Avokaado CLM makes it easier for organizations to manage their employment-related documents and stay compliant with legal requirements.

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Legal and compliance

Law firms deal with a large volume of contracts on a daily basis, which can be time-consuming and tedious. From initial agreements to terminations and amendments, keeping track of all the documentation can be a challenge. Avokaado CLM offers a solution that streamlines the contract management process and saves time and resources.

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