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Digital Lawyer #6: Be a problem expert, not a tech expert

Industry news on legal tech, digital transformation & innovation in law and professional growth.

In this month’s Digital Lawyer:

Digital transformation and innovation in law


Wendy Butler Curtis, Chief Innovation Officer at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, was hosted by Ari Kaplan at “Reinventing Legal” and talked about digital transformation in a law firm: how a shared observatory helps capture ideas all around the law firm and how an innovation due diligence approach helps prioritise and implement technology effectively.


The large consulting and strategy firms like McKinsey, IBM, EY, PWC, Deloitte, BCG, KMPG and Accenture have been acquiring design agencies to generate more operational agility and new approaches to the firms’ operations, practice group strategy, generating a real competitive advantage that will stick. Joshua Kubicki, a business designer for the legal markets, reviews the concept of legal design thinking and offers methods such as resource validation, workflow mapping, user journey to start off your own legal innovation project.

Legal tech industry news


9 principles for successful software implementation including goal-setting techniques, setting effective metrics, doing an end-user research, experimentation framework, prioritisation, working out productive team culture, training and feedback, and monitoring the progress.


“The challenge for corporate lawyers is thus: how can I navigate this complex technology landscape to find and implement tech that benefits my legal function? It’s much easier to pick the right tech when you are clear on what is stopping your legal function from delivering more value for less.” Legal Transformation Advisor Sam Burrett recommends to focus on problem solving rather than technology itself.

Professional growth and personal productivity


“The Leading Lawyer Project is a podcast exploring how the world’s top lawyers are forging new career paths, winning the best opportunities and shaping the future of the legal industry. Hosted by Sam Burrett, the podcast features interviews with CEOs of legal tech companies, Principals of New Law firms, Partners in Top-Tier firms and Managing Partners of the world’s leading legal practices”.


Rachita Maker, a Head of Legal Operations in the telecommunication sector, composed her notice to young lawyers to help adapting to the intensively changing legal landscape. A career switch from a lawyer to ALSPs, Legal Tech and Legal Ops, or legal sales makes any lawyer “a rounded professional who is flexible, agile, strategic and focussed on business growth. Legal departments or even law firms today consist of not just lawyers but professionals from other fields of operations, finance and technology.”

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