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Top 8 Legal Project Management Software To Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the business environment. If you don’t keep up with the latest innovations and productivity-boosting tools, it will end up costing your business lots of time and money.

Productivity tools such as task management or CRM systems help businesses deal with a wide range of workflow bottlenecks and speed up their processes.

Legal teams are no exception.

They constantly need to juggle hundreds of documents and contracts while satisfying your business goals and keeping your clients happy at the same time. That’s where legal project management software comes in.

Legal project management software solutions help legal teams get an overview of their projects and workflows, prioritize their work, collaborate smarter, and reduce risks by automating tasks and keeping all files organized.

Let’s now take a closer look at the benefits of legal project management software and what tools will help you organize legal projects.

What are the benefits of legal project management software?

There are three main benefits of using legal project management software.

  • Save money

If your business is growing and there are more contracts to be signed and more legal matters to tackle, then you have two choices. Either hire a legal project manager (LPM) or take advantage of legal software systems. However, LPM’s average salary is over $85,000 per year, so software is definitely the more cost-effective choice.

Moreover, as outlined in the Mitratech White Paper: The ROI Of Legal Management Technology, a 6% efficiency gain across the entire legal team can add up to over $100,000 in staff time even in a department of 10 people. Using the right legal project management software for your team should increase efficiency by much more than just 6% and will save you a lot of money.

  • Boost productivity and reduce risks

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of legal project management software is that it helps boost productivity and saves a lot of time for your legal team. Ever wasted hours searching for a file or a contract clause that you know is there, but you just can’t find it? Legal project management tools eliminate this problem entirely with smart search solutions and neat document organization.

Having a robust organization system in place greatly reduces risks during important negotiations, company audits, or court trials because your team can rely on all files being in one place and all changes being recorded.

Some tools also feature different kinds of contract automation processes to further speed up your tasks and workflows like automated contract drafting or e-discovery.

  • Improve client relationships

Not only will legal software programs benefit your team, but they will also improve the relationship you have with your clients. Quickly share progress to keep your clients in the loop, expedite negotiations, and complete projects on time to enhance client satisfaction.

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits, let’s dive into the top 8 legal project management software so you can choose which suits your business the best.


Top 8 Project Management Tools

  1. Avokaado: Contract Lifecycle Management software for fast-growing SMBs

Avokaado is an all-around contract lifecycle management software that helps with legal project management.

Avokaado lets you easily keep track of all your documents, workflows, and even showcases changes and version history. In addition, you can also take advantage of automated templates to draft contracts quicker and electronic signing.

Top 3 features:

  • Overview of all documents and contract workflows in one dashboard
  • Easy and effective search system
  • Collaborate on documents with your team and your clients


  • Freemium (1 user)
  • Starter €29 per month
  • Standard €49 per month
  • Premium €60 per month

Free trial: Free 7-day trial for all plans.

👉 If you want to learn more about contract lifecycle management and how automated contract workflows can reduce risks, save time, and save money, then check out The Complete Guide to Contract Lifecycle Management.


  1. HighQ: Secure project and client collaboration tool for legal and professional services

HighQ is a legal operations software that offers file storage and sharing, document management, and many different collaboration tools. With 75% of Fortune 500 companies being HighQ clients, their platform lets you boost productivity and streamline project management.

Top 3 features:

  • Assign tasks and track progress
  • Create customizable project dashboards
  • Build trigger-based workflow automations


  • Our research found that the Sourceforge review states their pricing starts from $18.00/month/user. However, they don’t share their pricing data publicly, so it would be best to contact their sales team.

Free trial: No free trial available but you can request a free demo from their website.


  1. Redbooth: Project management for administrative and legal tasks

Redbooth helps teams manage tasks and communication so projects get completed faster and easier. It features a Kanban-style dashboard that gives an excellent overview of all your tasks and to-dos. You can also create detailed productivity reports to further maximize your team’s output.

Top 3 features:

  • Visual project timelines
  • Simple collaboration and task tracking
  • Convenient mobile app to work on-the-go


  • Pro $12 per user per month
  • Business $18.75 per user per month
  • Enterprise – contact their team

Free trial: Free 14-day trial.


  1. Exterro: Legal governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software for in-house legal and IT teams

Exterro is a legal software suite designed mainly for big organizations that enables you to address your privacy, compliance, investigation, and litigation risks more effectively and at lower costs. It features tons of different apps from e-discovery, data management and digital forensics to risk management.

Top 3 features:

  • Over 20 different apps to help you accelerate your legal team’s performance
  • Build customized workflows that automate your e-discovery and information governance processes
  • Industry-leading data security


  • To get to know their pricing, you need to book the free demo or contact their team.

Free trial: You can request a free software demo from their website.


  1. Clio Manage: Customer relationship management for law firms

Clio Manage is a legal document software that features an advanced document management system and makes collaboration with clients a breeze. Usually law firms use Clio to accommodate clients with flexible e-signatures, online payments, and speed up your workflow with document automation.

Top 3 features:

  • Client portal to communicate and collaborate with clients
  • Time and expense tracking for accurate billing
  • Unlimited document storage


  • Standard €59 per user per month
  • Premium €79 per user per month
  • Suite €99 per user per month

Free trial: Free trial is available for all plans.


  1. Workzone: Project management software for businesses

Workzone is a project management software that offers a dashboard for all your team’s projects and also features personal to-do lists. Legal teams can benefit from Workzone by keeping an eye on all their projects and cases and easily collaborating with each other. It also accelerates contract workflow with built-in editing, review, and approval processes.

Top 3 features:

  • Project templates to save time
  • Email alerts and group calendar to stay on track
  • Unlimited training and great support team


  • Team $24 per user per month
  • Professional $34 per user per month
  • Enterprise $43 per user per month

Free trial: No free trial but you can book a demo to see it in action.

  1. Amberlo: Business performance software for law practices

Amberlo is a legal project management software that accelerates your work by letting you onboard new clients, manage matters, automatically log every minute worked, assign bills, and email your clients in one place. Collaborate with your team and keep all client work history securely in the cloud.

Top 3 features:

  • Manage all matter related information from a single location
  • Easily link documents to clients, matters, and contacts to stay organized
  • Streamline your billing with full-featured billing workflow


  • Solo – free forever (1 user)
  • Grow $35 per user per month
  • Premium $45 per user per month
  • Enterprise – contact their sales team

Free trial: Free trial to test all features for 7 days.


  1. Avaza: Work management software for in-house legal teams and law firms

Avaza brings project management, resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, quoting and invoicing, and team chat all into one platform. It’s highly beneficial for legal teams because you can connect your favorite apps like Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and others to their software and manage all your projects in one place.

Top 3 features:

  • Instantly toggle between Kanban, Gantt & List views of tasks
  • Schedule and edit assignments with simple drag & drop
  • Powerful reporting to understand project progress and staff utilization


  • Free (with some restrictions)
  • Startup $11.95 per month
  • Basic $23.95 per month
  • Business $47.95 per month

Free trial: You can sign up for their free plan.


Which legal software suits your business?

Now that you’ve discovered the top 8 legal project management software, it’s time to choose the best one for your business. The main point to think about is whether you’re just looking for document storage and project overview dashboard, or would you also like to take advantage of automated document workflow solutions, e-signing, and reporting.

If you want to choose the best legal software to boost your team’s productivity and save money, then think of the single biggest challenge in your legal team’s day-to-day activities, and search for software that solves this problem.

We hope that our list made the decision easier!

If you’re looking for all-around software with a simple interface that features document storage, automated workflows, and easy team and client collaboration, then click here to try Avokaado for free for 7 days.


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