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Digital Lawyer #10: Testing, iterations and failures with legal software systems

Industry news on digital transformation & innovation in law, legal software and professional growth.

In this month’s Digital Lawyer:

Digital transformation & legal tech


The general counsel panel discussion held during the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) 2020 Global Summit discussed digital transformation and admitted the journey can also be messy and imprecise and involve iterations and failure. It is important that lawyers and teams realize that perfection is not possible with innovation and digital transformation. The need to embrace the possibility of failure and to “fail fast” was emphasized.”

👉  Check out this step by step and customers-proof instruction on digitising legal services, an impact-effort matrix to start off legal document automation and common contract automation tools to use.


An alternative view of Lisa McClory, a Legal Knowledge Director, on the legal software where focus should not be on the technology itself or even a process and in-house legal operations but rather on understanding users, the flow and value of organisational knowledge. Capturing the value of organisational knowledge not only consolidate the best practices in the only place and make law firm’s know-how accessible for anyone on a team but also supports every aspect of enterprise strategy, from attrition to compliance to growth.

The future of law


Top 3 factors that will change the role of legal specialists in 2021 summarised by Roderick Wietse Lucas:

  • question-answer (QA) websites such as Quora to find the lawyer’s name as the ‘go-to person’ when people google for their legal problems
  • an ‘AI-eye principle’ for legal processes to double-check jurisdictions’ compatibility or even suggest the dispute outcome most in line with historical actions
  • multi-lingual search for letting legal professionals use their local specialism to select the most appropriate argumentation and see if it fits the local jurisdiction.


The Lawyer’s article about legal department software solutions and the role of legal ops professionals: 

  • How assigning a junior member of the team as a temporary legal ops specialist can help to test the benefits of having this role
  • How to save costs on buying in legal software solutions by auditing what is already in place with your IT team before the purchase
  • What’s the value of having a team member responsible for managing lawyers’ administrative work as well as legal technology implementation.

Professional growth and personal productivity


Emotional intelligence skills that every team leader, including Head of Legal or Senior Associates, should possess to drive the growth of their teams and businesses: team building, motivation and inspiration, self-awareness and self-management, social intelligence, communication and navigating differences.  

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