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Contract Lifecycle Management Software Pricing: Avokaado Plans Overview

Digital transformation has been top of the agenda for many organisations and departments for a long time and 2020 has only bumped that up.

As a response to the exponentially growing need for digital workflows and online collaboration, we developed our contract lifecycle management solution further. The pricing plans are now adapted to help your business grow with us: transform your contracting processes unit by unit or according to the functionality needed. 

The first thing to mention is that creating your documents and managing workflows is now possible with the Freemium plan in Avokaado where you get:

  • forever-access to 100+ free pre-lawyered templates for contracts
  • smart drafting of your templates
  • unlimited download of documents in pdf-s

👉 Need to create a document right away? Get started with Avokaado now.

Let’s dive deeper into how each plan can help you manage your contract workflow better: 

 1. Starter Plan — Get your paperwork done in a few clicks

With a new Starter plan, you get access to the growing library of pre-lawyered templates for everyday business cases such as:

  • hiring an employee
  • outsourcing services
  • concluding NDA
  • making corporate decisions

We made choosing the template for you really easy — you can search by template author, country or sector such as startup, IT, or retail. You can pick either free document templates or choose more advanced ones from the in-app store — it all depends on how complex your business case is. 

👉 Get access to the ever-growing Avokaado document templates library for free. 

Using any of those templates you can draft documents with a few clicks by filling in the questionnaire and choosing answers from the available options:

Straight after drafting you can sign your documents with global digital signatures — without ever leaving a platform. You can also share the document for signing to your other team members or customers — they won’t have to pay any additional costs for their signatures and you won’t get charged for your collaborators.

2. Standard plan All you need for team collaboration and digital workflow

Once you’ve got a bigger team or your team has been scaling up, you need different roles and access rights for your team members. It’s also most likely more stakeholders are involved in the contract execution with different action steps such as editing, viewing, approving, signing. At this stage, drafting and signing documents is no longer enough.

You’d rather have a more collaborative environment and dynamic workflow for your contracting process. With a Standard plan we’ve got you covered for such collaboration — once you finish the draft of your document you can:

  • work and collaborate in user groups
  • share documents for further drafting and editing to your team members
  • let team members attach annexes
  • sort annexes for signing and for additional information
  • set up team reminders and deadlines
  • collect approvals and signatures from all the involved parties in one shared window and track the process at your dashboard
  • order your own template development with company styles and branding from our legal engineers

With the possibility to collaborate in a single-window environment and assign user roles to your salespeople, managers of the departments, general managers or board members you can get from the first draft to singing confidently and faster without wasting time for waiting and email ping-pong. No manual work is needed – collaboration happens in one place and under your control. 

On top of that, you’d always have your template library up-to-date in a well-organised document template management and saved via secure electronic archiving:


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3. Premium Develop your own templates, delegate workflows to business and scale the expertise

For the businesses who own professional in-house legal expertise and want to develop and scale their legal services, a premium plan would be the right track.

With premium functionality, our users get full onboarding and step into the legal engineering world. Avokaado’s intuitive, easy to use, no-code contract automation functionality allows you to develop company-wide templates which are fully customizable and adjusted for your types of clients, services or jurisdictions and access rights. Avokaado automation methodology is based on clauses, so you also have your company clause library in place and the clauses are cross-usable in the templates to achieve consistency and easy update when necessary.

Every developed template allows you:

  • Draft documents in bundles with one only questionnaire
  • Apply advanced formatting such as docx themes, tables, cross-references, colours
  • Set up multilingual documents drafting 
  • Use advanced branding and styles
  • Download documents fully functionally either in pdf. or docx. 

The Premium plan also allows your legal team or law firm to become a publisher in our template ecosystem and create content for the fee or for free for Avokaado business users who do not have in-house lawyers or legal department.

👉  Learn more about how to become a publisher in Avokaado and launch your digital contracts to the customers.

4. Custom plan For larger teams and API users

When you have a larger team and specific needs how your contracts should be integrated with an existing technology stack or you are building a fintech, edtech or proptech company and want to use Avokaado document workflows as part of your solution, then you choose a custom plan.  

👉  Check out how fintech company uses Avokaado to integrate legal documents in their core services.

The Bottom Line

With this range of different plans, every business can find a suitable way to uplevel their document workflow:

  • to create and manage documents digitally with a Starter Plan
  • to collaborate with other counterparties and execute contracts from one place with a Standard Plan
  • to customise and delegate documents with minimum risks with a Premium Plan
  • to share contacts with the hundreds of customers and integrate contract in any technology with a Custom Plan 


Haven’t figured out the most suitable plan for your team yet?

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