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A Digital Lawyer #5: Demystifying legal digitalisation: approaches, tools and reflections

Industry news on legal tech, digital transformation & innovation in law and professional growth.

In this month’s Digital Lawyer:

Digital transformation and innovation in law


Digitalisation of legal services starts with changing the way lawyers work with information: “how information is obtained (through methodologies like project management), how they’re analysed and the data reported (with methodologies such as lean, sigma or legal design thinking), and how information is managed to improve the productivity and competitiveness of services (legal tech resources)”. Read more here.


Management of contractual relationships using a Contract Lifecycle Management (‘CLM’) solution helps your legal team become more efficient by reducing contract cycle times. It also helps to position the team as a trusted and valuable business partner that can deliver results. Learn how your team can tackle the implementation of a CLM solution in order to drive automation and digitalisation in Contract Management. 

Legal tech industry news


Understanding what technology can do for your personal bottom line and how the tool fits into your daily practice is the key to legal technology implementation. “If a lawyer understands in specific, concrete terms how a tool will change their bottom line and they understand how and when to use the tool—that lawyer will take control of their work-tech destiny. They will invest in the tech because it pays them dividends. And if a tool doesn’t help, then it won’t be used.” Learn more about how to embed technology into your legal practice smartly.


Nick Rishwain invited Jeff Rovner to talk about legal technology adoption and O’Melveny & Myers LLP business model. Jeff noted that lawyers prefer end-to-end solutions and even if the technology solves one specific problem perfectly it is still hard to embed it in the whole workflow without disruption. Listen to more insights from the Managing Director for Information in LegalTechLIVE. 

Professional growth and personal productivity


General Counsel / Chief Legal Officer’s reflections on legal operations and lawyers’ value in corporations. Victoria Swedjemark offers each lawyer to ask themselves whether they understand what legal’s key focus areas and priorities are and why, whether they make best use of all available resources, whether they stick with the right operating model, whether they know and measure the Return on Investment of the legal budget. The full list of relevant questions each lawyer can ask themselves is here.


“If I lose control, others will mess up, and the company will fail.” The article explains how to deal with constantly feeling overwhelmed: how to pinpoint the primary source of overwhelm, set boundaries on your time and workload, and challenge your perfectionism.

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