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Document Collaboration for Better Lawyer-Client Relationships

It is now possible to build up a long-term collaboration model with your external customers using different user roles in Avokaado.

Previously, drafting and editing happened mostly between team members and on an ad hoc basis. Now, a person outside your team (a customer) can get permanent access to the documents in your shared workspace and collaborate with you 24/7.

External collaboration between lawyers and their customers becomes really smooth and controlled if it happens in a single-window system and with the regulated rights. 


Avokaado’s different roles allow you to use:

  1. A shared workspace: Every client has access to his own database with templates pre-lawyered by you or ready-to-go documents – he can draft and download them 24/7 and be sure that the content is always up-to-date;
  2. Permission for co-drafting: You can give editing rights to your client in case you want him to make changes and edit drafts directly in the draft;
  3. Negotiation in one place: You can avoid endless emails and calls with your clients – bring all communications around a contract to one place and enable comments, reminders and email notifications.

5 user roles in Avokaado for better external collaboration:

  1. Account manager is the account owner who may create and manage users connected to its account and has all rights that content manager and the team member has. 
  2. Content manager is a registered user who has a right to manage and create templates and has all rights that a team member has. 
  3. Team member is a registered user who can draft and use the workflow of the platform (upload, share, negotiate and sign) and add customers and guests. 
  4. Customer is a registered user of the platform who has the right to take all actions permitted by the content manager and/or team member (e.g. edit or view documents, draft templates, share and sign with guests or other customers) and upload their own documents. 
  5. Guest is a user without an account at Avokaado, can only view, download and/or sign the documents shared to them via link.

So, when a person is not a member of your team in Avokaado and you share a drafted document or a template by email, the recipient automatically becomes a customer for your account. This customer gets his own environment for collaboration with you – he can now:

  • keep his access to the documents 24/7,
  • upload, keep and share external documents,
  • start a discussion with you,
  • edit documents if permitted by you,
  • draft documents based on the templates shared to the customer by you.

You can also create your customer list before sharing the document or a template. 

In case a person is not a member of your team in Avokaado and you share a drafted document by sending the link by any means this person will not become a customer for your account – he will become a guest.

This guest will get limited rights: a preview of the document without any separate environment, a room for discussion for this specific document and the ability to download and sign the document.

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Avokaado is a pioneer in digitizing legal services. Our team is an expert in building DIY, knowledge management and collaboration platforms. 👉 Request a demo and we’ll show how you can start delivering cutting-edge solutions today. 

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