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Contract Lifecycle Management: Get More Done with Updated Avokaado [Product Updates]

We’ve have received a lot of feedback from our clients on how to make Avokaado better. Now, we have added some brand-new functionalities to Avokaado and we can’t wait for you to give it a go.

Our updated and more powerful Avokaado version is focused on the contract workflow that allows you to get control and visibility around contracts’ progress and ensure frictionless collaboration:

  • Docx styles to customise and brand your templates,
  • Approval and signing flows to speed up your contract execution;
  • More user groups and rights to organise better collaboration;
  • An updated dashboard with critical deadlines, visual overview of ongoing contracts, and deal statistics.
  1. Brand your corporate contract templates with Docx styles

A lot of companies use document styles that have been created for them specifically in order to have visually distinctive documents that are recognisable as that company’s documents.

It is now possible to assign MS Word styles to templates in Avokaado so that when a document drafted in Avokaado is downloaded as a .docx file, those specific MS Word styles are applied to that document.

  1. Streamline your contract workflow 

We have improved the collaboration and workflow possibilities on the platform: you can now create user groups, approval flows and choose between two different digital signing options.

2.1. Create user groups of your clients, business departments, or team members

The user groups can be useful when you need to share a document to the whole team or need to obtain approvals or signatures from the specific group of people. You can add users, assign roles, manage their rights and create groups from the user management section.

You can also enable “editing rights” to internal and external users and allow them to change answers in the questionnaire or leave comments. With this collaborative drafting you can agree on the terms much faster and proceed to the next stage.

2.2. Set up approval and signing flows

Approvals and signatures usually take too much time to get collected from different people and different sources. In Avokaado you can bring all involved parties to one platform without a need to jump to emails or calls, or send out reminders manually. You can also decide if the drafted document must be approved, signed or both.

Once you have appointed the approvers and signers, you can choose the approval flow to be queue based, which means that the approvers receive the notifications one by one based on the order of approvers you have set. You can appoint approvers or signers from among your own team, from a user group that you have created previously or invite someone externally as a customer.

Once all the approvers have approved the document you can send the document for signing. You can choose either Estonian Digidoc or international SignNow to sign your documents. 

  1. Control your contracts’ progress

Now you can get an instant overview of the statuses of the various documents and processes in your Avokaado workspace: hot deadlines, deals’ statuses and statistics.

👉 Set up your first document workflow: Get started for free now.

Avokaado is a pioneer in digitizing legal services. Our team is an expert in building DIY, knowledge management and collaboration platforms. 👉 Request a demo and we’ll show how you can start delivering cutting-edge solutions today. 

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