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14 Digital Contract Signing Apps For Signing Documents Online

Do you have to wait days or even weeks before your contract is signed? Are you tired of waiting for scanned documents only to find out someone missed signing a page? Did you ever lose a deal because of a simple contract mishap?

If you’re nodding your head right now, then you’re probably looking for a digital contract signing app to end these problems.

That’s the right decision.

Research shows that companies who apply digital signature solutions reduce 85% of document handling costs. Plus, it eliminates human error and cuts the entire contract signing process from days to minutes.

How do these digital contract signing systems work?

Contracts no longer need to be signed on paper to be legally binding. All you have to do is send documents digitally and have them signed online.


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How can I get a contract signed online?

To get contracts signed online, you just have to:

  1. Upload and send a contract to the signing party.
  2. The signing party “signs” the document by typing his initials or virtually signing using the mouse, trackpad, or a digital pencil.
  3. They send back the signed document to you.

Contracts signed online use electronic signatures or eSignatures. eSigns are the digital counterparts of your traditional wet ink signatures.

All these will be done using the signature app of your choice.


What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

According to, electronic signature and digital signature are often used interchangeably but these two concepts are different.

Let us define each.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a sound, symbol, or image of your signature. It can take the form of:

  • Electronically signed name
  • Scanned handwritten signature
  • A checkbox (for downloaded software)
  • Typed name in the signature box

This electronic data must fulfill its signer’s intent and consent to be a valid equivalent of your ink signature. It can sometimes be misused since anyone can just copy-paste them. You can’t verify if the signed document is tampered with or not.

Electronic Identification and Trust Services or eIDAS also defines them as data that’s logically or physically attached to other data in electronic format and used for signing by the signatory.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that creates a virtual fingerprint that can be used to identify the signer. It is more comparable to your handwritten signatures — unique, authentic, and can be used to validate the authenticity of the document.

In short, an electronic signature is just a mark that signifies the acceptance of the contents of a document. While a digital signature is a more secure mark that uses encryption to protect the document. With digital signatures, if someone comes in and tries to tamper with the document after you’ve signed it, the document will show it.

If you need the signature for internal use only, you will just need an electronic signature.

If you need security, an audit trail, a digital certificate, and the option to prove that the signature is authentic, you’ll need a digital signature.

In case you’re wondering about the security of the signed documents in transit, digital certificates issued by the trusted Certificate Authority (CA) guarantee it.

You may ask…


Is digital signing legally binding?

Yes, digital signing is legally binding. Since the US has established eSignature standards — ESIGN and UETA — more regulations now ensure the enforceability and acceptance of an e-signature solution.

For as long as the local market accepts eSignatures, the court law dismisses any trial for the authenticity of the eSign.

Digital contract signing apps produce electronic signatures. These eSignatures use digital signature technology, making them legally binding. Providers are compliant with worldwide regulations and protocols of the industry.

So if you’re unsure which signature app should you use, check out 14 of the best contract signing software below.


The 14 best digital contract signing apps

1. Avokaado Best digital contract signing app for legal agreements with multiple stakeholders

Avokaado is a contract lifecycle management software that automates your entire contract workflow including contract signing. If you have many approvers or stakeholders, Avokaado ensures collaboration between departments and other stakeholders in one platform. Teams no longer have to send documents back and forth for signing because they see who has viewed, signed, and left comments that need to be resolved.

Top Features 

  • Electronic signature support within the app
  • Document collaboration from external parties whose signs are needed
  • Manage signing flow, track progress, and add reminders for collaborators

Pricing Range

Free to try Avokaado for 7 days for free or go with the paid plan that starts at 29€


2. DocuSign – Best digital contract signing app for businesses dealing with agreements daily

You should look into DocuSign if your goal is to become more efficient and cost-effective when concluding agreements. They are used to keep track of a lot of documents and signatories. They help you manage multiple clients at once, increasing your work efficiency. With its strong encryption technology, all data remains safe.

Top Features 

  • Mobile apps so you can sign on the go on your iOs, Android, or Windows device
  • Award-winning APIs that let you connect with your existing applications and tools
  • Extensive language support — 43 languages

Pricing Range

Free to try for 30 days and the paid plan starts at $10


3. HelloSign – Best digital contract signing app for eSigns starters

Hellosign is extremely user-friendly. Even your team members who aren’t great with technology will have no issues using it. When it automatically provides clients a copy of their contract, this makes transactions so much easier. The dashboard is also useful because it tracks which documents are completed and which ones aren’t signed yet.

Top 3 Features 

  • Bulk Send in sending out signature requests
  • Drag-and-drop signature blocks
  • Advanced SMS authentication for added security

Pricing Range

Free to try for 30 days and the paid plan starts at $15


4. SignNow – Best digital contract signing app for growing teams

SignNow value is best leveraged on its price. It allows you to purchase a single enterprise license and then grow usage organically as needed. As a digital signing solution, you can send signature requests in a variety of ways from single to multiple recipients. Its advanced capabilities such as the direct link with Dropbox and Document binders are easy to use too.

Top 3 Features 

  • Powerful API to easily embed eSignature to app or website>
  • Integration bots to pre-fill records
  • Document collaboration tool that assigns roles to signers

Pricing Range

Free to try for 7 days and the paid plan starts at $8


5. Dokobit – Best digital contract signing app for businesses in the European Union

Dokobit is a Europe-based contract signing software that offers eID services. They enable users to sign documents, collect signatures from others, and easily create high-assurance electronic IDs in minutes with their platform. The eSignatures meet all of the requirements outlined in the eIDAS regulations.

Top 3 Features 

  • Multilingual interface
  • Sign documents in a variety of document formats
  • Authenticate users with a variety of eIDs

Pricing Range

Free forever plan (limited features) and the paid plan starts at €7.99


6. Preview – Best digital contract signing app for Mac users

Are you a Mac user who needs to sign a PDF right away? Preview made it simple for Mac users. No need to print PDF forms. Just use the Markup tools to add your signature in minutes. You can also use your Mac camera to capture your signature. You can sign on a white sheet of paper (or sign your name on the trackpad) and hold it up to the camera.

Top 3 Features 

  • Easy add of the signature using Apple products
  • Password-protect the PDF that you need to sign
  • Easily merge multiple PDFs into one

Pricing Range

Every Mac includes this feature free of charge


7. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – Best digital contract signing app for Windows users

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is free to install. As long as you have this software installed on your computer, you can use it whenever you want. The software is a great solution for non-Mac users who need to fill and sign forms electronically. Their PDF reader produces eSignatures that are both secure and legal.

Top 3 Features 

  • Available in mobile
  • Drag and Drop signature where you want to place it
  • Cloud-based file-sharing

Pricing Range

Free download for both desktop computers and mobile devices


8. – Best digital contract signing app for per-contract signing

For businesses that deal with a lower volume of contracts,’s pay-per-contract is ideal. You only pay for the exact number of documents you send out while getting a full range of their service. The flat rate also does not come with any extra charges. Their approach is better suited to batch-issued contracts rather than one-offs.

Top 3 Features 

  • Signer fields that highlight the required areas which need their inputs
  • Bulk sending of contracts using batch templates
  • Send contracts via text messages and let your signers use mobile to sign

Pricing Range

Pay per document model — $0.49 per contract.


9. Docsketch – Best digital contract signing app when looking for affordable eSigning solutions

Docsketch is now called SignWell. They allow you to sign up to 3 documents per month for zero cost. You can also choose a subscription to their service at a small monthly fee. Anyhow, this is an effective software with a clean UI. Simply upload the document, add one (or more) email addresses of your signers, put the signature field, and click send.

Top 3 Features 

  • Archive of signed documents to protect them from any changes
  • Resend documents to clients by converting your file into a template
  • Audit report containing your legal records

Pricing Range

Free version available and the paid plan starts at $8


10. PandaDoc – Best digital contract signing app for the sales team 

PandaDoc lets clients sign documents quickly. If you wish to use it in your sales process, sales reps can send the right agreements fast. Since they can access client files, communication, and signatures, keeping track of the entire sales process is easier. The drag-and-drop method of uploading a document for signature is simple. In most cases, the application notifies the recipient when the document is viewed, as well as when it is signed.

Top 3 Features 

  • Editable digital fields where clients can sign
  • Document notifications alert you as soon as a customer opens, views, comments, or eSigns your documents
  • Forms built with eSigns that collect e-payments

Pricing Range

Free to try for 7 days and the paid plan starts at $19


11. Contractbook – Best digital contract signing app for international businesses

Contractbook takes care of your contracts from start to finish. With multiple ways to sign a contract, it simplifies the contract signing process between parties from different parts of the world. It’s legally binding and valid in most countries. With this contract workflow software, you can create, sign and store all your legal documents in a single place, no matter where you are doing business.

Top 3 Features

  • Multiple ways to sign:
  1. Simple basic signature
  2. Two-factor signature using a link and one-time password
  3. National signatures like  the Danish NemID or the Norwegian Bank ID
  • Early-stage discount for startups/businesses less than 3 years old
  • Use cloud storage to record all signed contracts

Pricing Range

Free version available and the paid plan starts at $115


12. OneSpan Sign –  Best digital contract signing app for businesses looking to white-label their e-signature process

If you’re looking to brand your contracts as per your brand guidelines then OneSpan Sign is for you. Customize your contracts to reflect your business identity. The process doesn’t require you to be a technology whiz. The contract signing software also gives detailed guidance to signers.

Top 3 Features 

  • Self-serve contract branding options to promote your business
  • Signers can add supporting attachments during the eSigning process
  • Collection of frequently used layouts so that future documents will have uniform formats

Pricing Range

Free to try for 30 days and the paid plan starts at $20


13. SignEasy – Best digital contract signing app for signing on the go using mobile phones 

SignEasy is a pioneer when it comes to the mobile compatibility of signing software. Do paperwork on the fly. They store the information in the cloud so you can do all the tasks with your mobile app and share documents between PC and mobile easily. They also support several formats like Images, PDF, Microsoft Office, and Mac.

Top 3 Features 

  • Passcode and fingerprint authentication for added security of contracts
  • Draft documents to access them offline
  • Adding a custom footer to documents sent via email

Pricing Range

Free to try for 14 days and the paid plan starts at $8


14. KeepSolid Sign – Best digital contract signing app for businesses concerned with remote work security

With KeepSolid Sign, you enjoy total security when sending documents for signing or collecting sensitive data. Their security is top-notch, offering all round protection of your network. The software is still simple to use — from uploading a document to sending it for acceptance.  They have a Mac app extension too for faster access. You can also up your cybersecurity protection with their VPN Solutions.

Top 3 Features 

  • MonoDefense® security bundle that includes VPN Unlimited to protect your online data
  • Built-in signature creator to let you upload, edit or create your eSignature
  • Multiplatform compatibility so you can work on the same documents using Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and web browsers

Pricing Range

Free to try for 14 days and the paid plan starts at $9.99

Picking the best digital contract signing app for your business

Digital contract signing bridges the gap between businesses who are looking for physical signatures and individuals who don’t have access to (or just don’t want to use) printers, scanners, and fax machines anymore.

However, it can be difficult finding the right contract signing software for your specific needs. We’ve compiled a list of vendors and highlighted the best use case for each to make your search easier and faster. We hope this article helped you choose the digital contract signing app for your business needs.

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