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Contract Creation Management Productivity Boosters [Product Updates]

Our product team has been mindfully mapping the lawyers’ jobs-to-be-done to make contract automation more lawyer-friendly. We considered the work both of lawyers at law firms, to those in enterprises providing legal support to other business units.

Here are 6 Avokaado productivity boosters from the first quarter of 2019 helping you get the job done better and faster:

  1. Bilingual Documents — making it easy for your end-user to get a bilingual document from one simple questionnaire.


Depending on the firm or corporate location, size and clients, the share of bilingual documents required could be significant. It takes an enormous amount of time to draft bilingual documents, insert data in both languages, and make sure that all the information and formatting is correctly matching.


As an Avokaado customer, you can now control how the bilingual documents you have in the system are delivered even when the questionnaire is filled out in one language.

  1. Document Bundles — Draft multiple documents with one questionnaire flow.


Completing a M&A or real estate transaction or even hiring a new team member requires drafting a number of documents between the same parties with the same data. Lawyers shouldn’t have to manually enter the same information over and over again into a number of documents because that often results in mistakes and wastes time.


You can now control within the questionnaire logic where the same information should go into your documents. On completion of the questionnaire, your documents are saved either to pdf or docx format in a zip-file.

  1. Cross-references — Avokaado enables easy tracking of all your document clause references speeding up your workflow.


Legal documents can become very complex and refer to a large amount of information across the document(s). Your legal team should be able to easily specify the links between related information points and the system automatically update the reference to the relevant clause or paragraph.


The numbering of related clauses changes depending on the answers to questions from your end-user. When you specify these relationships in Avokaado, it automatically ensures the accuracy of your cross-references no matter how many changes you make in the document.
Even once you download the completed document(s) into Word, the references from Avokaado remain fully functional in the docx-format. If you choose the pdf format, the same applies. We’ve made these cross-references clickable in your pdf documents.

  1. Dynamic Decision Tree — supporting the inter-question dependencies with legal content makes the process of drafting so much smoother.


Vertical decision trees in contract automation require answering a significant number of questions that can become repetitive for end-users when drafting a contract.


The tree cuts down the number of questions you need to create in your question-flow. The lawyer or user only has to answer primary legal decision-related questions once. For example: should a contract be seller-friendly or buyer-friendly? According to the answer, all the clauses and follow-on questions will be selected automatically.


  1. My Documents — saving your drafts enabling easy access and collaboration.


Not all document work is finished in one go. While we make it easy to get from zero to one for your document, as a lawyer you want to be able to come back to your draft to continue or edit as necessary or collaborate with your team on completing it. No need to start again every time.


You can save both partly completed questionnaires to fully drafted documents. In the drafting view you can save your work into My Documents and still download it either to pdf or docx as needed. You also can create as many folders as necessary to organise and move documents between them.

  1. Sharing the Automated Template — as easily as you share Google Drive files.


Your document needs to get to other people, whether these are clients who also have user accounts or external counterparties who don’t.


You can make your template public and choose to share it either with specified customers, across all of those who have user accounts with you, or publicly to anyone with the link. This way anyone who receives your link can instantly access the questionnaire and complete the specific document without having to create an account in Avokaado.

We hope these 6 new productivity boosters will help you to get your job done and shake up your traditional document creation! 

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