Contract Lifecycle Management for Law Firms

Consolidate and manage your best legal knowledge in one place. Automate internal contract workflow. Serve digital legal documents for your clients.

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Use firm-wide smart templates to draft your standard and internal process management agreements contracts: fill in the questionnaire, choose between available options, re-use contract data. With required fields, you can be sure that every document is 100% complete and compliant with legal requirements before it’s filled.

Now, you can automate this and so much more...

Productivity killers
Traditional Way
Entering the same information several times
Re-using contract's data for a new contract
Drafting several documents at once
Applying formatting and styles
Billingual documents drafting
Tracking terms and deadlines
Up to 78% more efficient

Internal knowledge sharing

Different versions of documents floating around is history. Firm-wide templates and the latest versions capturing tooltips and best practices are now in one place. Re-use clauses to harmonise your templates and keep them always up-to-date. Create a centralised clause and template library accessible for your entire team 24/7. Read more about internal knowledge management.

Average lawyer collects 2.3 hours of billable time per day – what happens to the remaining 6 hours?


Collaborate on documents with your clients

Share documents for co-drafting and negotiating, collect approvals, e-sign - all in one place. Enable a library with automated templates for your clients to self-serve or set up a 24/7 webshop with automated templates on your website with fixed pricing. Read more about law firm client collaboration.

Law firms and businesses who alreadyavokaado

  • As to our real estate contracting, we are entering a collaboration with Avokaado in order to make our contracts more accessible and flexible. As the framework will be settled, the real work can be devoted to specific questions within the contractual situation. We have already had a lot of positive feedback, because we are entering into a program to increase the quality of our contracts.
    Jeroen De Coninck managing partner at law firm De Coninck
  • Evaluation and structuring are important to keep our legal knowledge always updated, capture the best practices, and ensure constant knowledge sharing and the most effective solutions for clients. Avokaado helped put things into perspective: to evaluate what documents and templates are in use today, where the best clauses are and where the structure needs to be updated.
    Silja Elunurm attorney at law & former CEO at Njord
  • We are committed to improving our services to clients by bringing them new digital solutions. As part of that, we’re proud to partner with Avokaado to provide intelligent contract automation services to our clients.
    Cato Haukeland Chief Digital Officer

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