Avokaado and Persona integration

Save valuable time and reduce manual work with automated contracts with Avokaado and Persona
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Kadri Avloi

HR Coordinator at Studioworks

“The introduction of Avokaado has been a game-changer for us, leading our company in a more interactive and tech-savvy direction. Getting the program up and running, including customizing templates to fit our needs, was quick and easy.
We now use it daily for e-signing and managing documentation, including employment contracts, contract addendums, orders, company regulations, and other documents.”

Connected, smarter workflows

  • Automatically create a new employee card in Persona directly from Avokaado.
  • Reduce  manual work with automated dataflows between Persona and Avokaado.
  • Collect all necessary information on a new employee in one space without losing data between the cracks.

Automated contracts

  • Pull all necessary employee data for a contract or document directly to and from Avokaado.
  • Automatically create, approve and e-sign contracts in one place.
  • Connect employment contract data in Avokaado to the employee card in Persona
  • Automatically attach job descriptions and annexes to document bundles.

A single source of truth

  • Get from initial offer to an approved and e-signed contract without the endless emails.
  • Set up queue-based workflows for approving and signing documents.
  • Get a 360 overview, pull contract-related information in one data layer view, and amend in bulk.

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