Automated and connected contracts for the financial industry

“Excellent platform that any HR team could have dreamed of, made the workflow so much easier and smoother. It is highly appreciated that they are listening to clients' needs and are actually doing something about it. If any concern arises, you can be sure the team reacts promptly”

Ursula Eleri Tammeka
HR Coordinator at Coolbet

Contract Management: Avokaado CLM allows for the centralization and automation of contract management processes. This means that all contracts can be stored, accessed and managed in one place, reducing the risk of errors and lost documents. This leads to a more efficient and organized contract management process.

Legal Compliance: The finance industry is heavily regulated and requires compliance with a number of laws and regulations. Avokaado CLM ensures that all contracts are compliant with the latest laws and regulations through its legal knowledge base and clauses library. This helps finance companies avoid costly legal disputes and penalties.

Automated Templates: Avokaado CLM enables finance companies to create and store automated contract templates, reducing the time it takes to draft a new contract. This also ensures that all contracts have a consistent format, making it easier to manage and review them.

Collaboration and Process Transparency: Avokaado CLM provides real-time collaboration and process transparency, making it easier for finance companies to track the progress of a contract from start to finish. This can help improve the speed and accuracy of contract negotiations, ultimately leading to faster deals and increased revenue.

One Source of Truth: Avokaado CLM provides a centralized repository for all contracts, ensuring that all relevant stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information. This helps finance companies make informed decisions based on accurate data and reduces the risk of errors.

In conclusion, Avokaado CLM is a valuable solution for finance companies looking to streamline their contract management processes and ensure legal compliance. With its automated templates, real-time collaboration, process transparency, and one source of truth, Avokaado CLM helps finance companies close deals faster, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

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