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How it all started 

It all started back in 2016, when our founder Mariana Hagström decided to quit her Managing Partner position and 10 years of legal practice and commit fully to developing her digital legal solution.
The initial idea evolved from the need to find more efficient methods of sharing knowledge internally to delivering legal services to customers with fixed pricing 24/7. When this vision got shaped as a product, the outcome was a DIY platform with automated document packages for the individual and corporate clients.

A few years later, an internal DIY platform turned into a spin-off and became an enterprise-level product that empowers lawyers to serve clients better and enables creation of legal solutions for keeping end-users/non-lawyers interests on point. That’s now known as Avokaado.

Today we in Avokaado help businesses automate their document workflows so they can delegate, scale and control legal operations without risks and time wasting.

Up to now, we’ve validated our proof of concepts with law firms, startups, scaleups and enterprises, got thousands of individual users signed up for the platform and enterprise clients around 7 markets – Baltics, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Norway onboarded.

Founder’s Story

Mariana Hagström is an attorney-at-law and legal tech startup founder who has been practising corporate and information technology law for more than 10 years before the transition from the legal practise to legal tech in 2016.

She’s been studying law in Tartu and Stockholm Universities, where she obtained a master degree in Information Technology and Law. The decision to make a career turnaround started to evolve from the managing partner position and from the need to find more efficient methods for delivering and packaging legal services for clients with scalable new pricing models. 

Since founding Avokaado her mission has been to build a bridge between legal and business operations and make it cost and time-efficient for both sides.


Contribution to Legal Tech

For the past 4 years, Mariana has been a true legal tech pioneer and evangelist in the Nordics, giving workshops and talks to a wider audience and in the Universities on contract automation, legal tech, and the future of law. She has been a mentor and a role model for the next generation of young female lawyers, mentor and jury member for years for startup accelerator programs and hackathons, events organizers and an active member in the startup community:

  • Presenter at Legal Revolution in Germany 2018
  • Presenter at the Sleetmakers.com LegalTech side-event at Slush 2018
  • Presenter at British Legal Technology Forum 2018
  • Presenter at Nordic Legal Tech Hub at Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen 2019
  • Presenter at Estonia Legal Hackers 2019
  • Presenter at Women in Law, Vilnius Chapter 2019
  • Presenter at Polska Legal Tech Meetup 2020
  • Jury committee at STARTERtallinn Demo Days 2018-2020

With her team she has published several case studies and white-papers on legal innovation and automation and helped to scale the mind shift to efficiency, digitalisation, and legal automation among lawyers in law firms and in-house legal teams. 

She is a product owner and CEO of Avokaado and a driving force of the team to turn the vision and customer feedback into product functionality and features. Avokaado has helped with legal automation law firms and companies in the Nordics, Baltics, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg etc. For more effective technology adoption Avokaado has created a signature pilot program for the law firms with project management, advisory and workshops.

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