Avokaado and Teamtailor integration

Streamline your hiring process – save time on switching between apps and manual data entry with Avokaado’s Teamtailor integration.
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Miglė Poderytė

Lawyer at BITĖ Lietuva

"Avokaado made our lives so much easier - contract automation saved us many hours and reduced the probability of errors to a minimum. And we cannot be happier with Avokaado team - their professionalism helps us automate documents quickly and smoothly."

Automated hiring operations

  • Pull all necessary candidate data for a contract or document from Teamtailor directly into Avokaado.
  • Automatically pull in resumes and other documents intro Avokaado for a full overview.
  • Streamline the hiring process by automatically updating document statuses in Avokaado based on candidate statuses in Teamtailor.

A single source of truth

  • Get from an initial offer to an approved and e-signed contract without the endless emails.
  • Set up queue-based workflows for approving and signing documents.
  • Send a signed employment contract from Avokaado back to Teamtailor for transparency.
  • Get a 360 overview, pull contract-related information in one data layer view, and amend in bulk.

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