Avokaado and Salesforce integration

Your one-stop solution for automating document creation and contract lifecycle management directly from Salesforce
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Easy integration setup, no coding required

Get from Salesforce deal data to a signed document in minutes!

Forget about third-party integration providers. With Avokaado, setting up the integration with Salesforce is a breeze. Just map the necessary fields, and you're all set to enjoy a seamless document management experience!

Create documents effortlessly

  • So long double-data entry – pull contact and deal data directly from Salesforce to Avokaado.
  • Use the data you already have in Salesforce to automatically generate a new contract, agreement or any other document in Avokaado.
  • Use existing templates in Avokaado to create any document within seconds.

Synchronize and automate your work

  • Set up triggers to automatically create or amend documents based on lead statuses in Salesforce, streamlining your entire contract lifecycle management.
  • Get from an initial offer to an approved and e-signed contract without the endless emails.
  • Set up queue-based workflows for approving and signing documents
  • No more copy-pasting and shuffling between platforms to get the job done – send data from a finished document back to Salesforce for complete transparency and error-free data management in real time.

Single source of truth

  • Monitor and automate documents based on opportunity stages.
  • Move negotiations and other communication from email to Avokaado.
  • Automate workflows so nothing falls between the cracks ever again.
  • Add reminders and tasks for yourself or send reminders with a single click.

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