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What’s new – June 2021

With the features included in this month’s release Avokaado now gives you a 360° view of all your company’s documents (and their status), upload Word documents and retain each upload as a new version, and manage who owns documents.

System functionality

360° View

As a team member, account manager, or content manager you need a complete picture, at-a-glance, for all your company’s documents. You need to know the status of those documents and the people in your team who are responsible for them. This is exactly what the new 360° view gives you.

How it works:

360° View is available for Account managers, Content managers, and Team members on an Avokaado Premium Plan.

To enable 360° View, from the main Avokaado dashboard select Users, find the user and click the menu icon on the right side of the user info, then click Edit user from the dropdown menu. Then, from the Edit user window, click the checkbox next to User can see 360° view.



When that user goes to the Workspace view they can choose between Personal view – where they will see only the documents assigned to them – or 360° view. The default filtering in the 360° view will show all documents, across all stages.

To filter these documents by Stage, select the tab you want to take a closer look at.



Then, to focus on a specific team member or user group, click the Filter by option in the top-right corner of the window:



System functionality

Document Versioning (Upload)

For many businesses, Word is still king when it comes to editing documents. That’s why you can now generate an automated Avokaado document using the questionnaire to populate the bulk of the data needed, download it as a DOCX file, make your changes in Word, then upload that edited file as a new version.

How it works:

Once you’ve generated your automated Avokaado document, in the Contract tab click Download as DOCX to download your Word file.



Tweak your document as needed in Word then, once you’re done, save the DOCX file and head back to Avokaado and click Upload a new version.



Add a comment, find your file, and click Upload. This updated file will be stored as a separate version of your document, which you can download individually later – say if you need to review changes to the document.


System functionality

Document Ownership Change

Talking with many of you, we found that it’s common for documents to be “owned” by different people at different stages. For example, drafting could be handled by a legal assistant, then a dedicated contract manager takes care of the approval and signing. Now, if you need to hand control of a document to someone else in your team, you can change the owner.

How it works: 

In the document you want to reassign, first make sure the new owner has access, then click the menu icon next to their name and click Assign as new owner.


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