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What’s new in – October 2021

With the features included in this month’s release, Avokaado now enables you to share folders with users and groups, manage document versions visibility & authentication users with SSN!

System functionality

Folder sharing

Forget unsecure and cumbersome document sharing! With Avokaado’s Digital Dataroom, you can now share folders and also allow both, your co-workers and external users to see the contents of your folders with just a few clicks. In its essence, it’s an upgrade to Avokaado’s Contract Lifecycle Management tool as sharing a document no longer requires separate sharing of each document. Instead, you can add a document to the shared folder and determine the audience of the folder by specific users or even user groups.

How it works:

To share a folder first make sure that the user or user group you wish to share it to is either a part of your team or a collaborator in Avokaado’s application and open your Documents section from the sidebar.

Determine the folder you want to share and click on the three dots on the right side of the folder’s name and click on Share folder.



Now choose the users and/or user groups you wish to share the contents of that folder by ticking the box on the left side of their name or a user group. After that’s done just press Save and the selected users or user groups will be notified by email about gaining access to that folder.


Folder sharing Avokaado


System functionality

Keeping older versions of the document and their visibility

Co-drafting a document often requires simultaneous versioning and multiple interim versions are created before a final draft is ready to be sent out. Therefore we improved the document versioning and made it possible to determine who sees the older versions of the document.

It is fair to think about what happens with the previous versions after you’ll send out the final one as in many cases you’ll need to keep track of how you got to the final version. Still, you may want to share this with your collaborators who possibly only need to see the final version of the document.

With this release, you can now determine who sees what and still get to keep all your document versions after the draft is finished. For you, all versions are kept in one place – in the same document you drafted.

How it works:

You can add collaborators to the document in every stage of the document workflow and automagically all previous versions are visible to them.


Document versions Avokaado


If you need to revoke someone’s access to the versions, just untick the box and all versions will not be visible accordingly to them. Don’t worry, you can still grant access if you change your mind – just tick the box again and the versions will become visible.

The older versions of the document will not be included in the signing container and will only be visible to the people who have access to the versions inside the document in the Avokaado application.


System functionality

Authentication with Social Security Number

Do you as a company wish to add an extra layer of security when adding new people to your team? You can now stop account takeovers by having your users or collaborators authenticate themselves during the sign-up and log-in process. This means that you can limit access to ID-based authentication solutions so that the added user has to authenticate themselves during sign-in through our authentication service of their preference (ID-Card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID).

How it works:

NB! This is a custom feature, please contact to discuss adding this feature to your workspace.

Adding a user: Navigate to the modal where you can add new users to your team by pressing + New user. Once there, to protect access just tick the ID authentication box in “PROTECT ACCESS WITH” to “ID authentication” and fill in the new user’s information including their SSN (Social Security Number).

Editing an existing user: Find your existing user/collaborator from the user’s view and press the menu button with three dots. Select “Edit user” and tick the ID authentication box in “PROTECT ACCESS WITH” to “ID authentication”, fill in the user’s SSN.


SSN login Avokaado


After pressing the + Add new user or a Save button the user can access their Avokaado account only with their Smart-ID, ID-card or mobile-ID.

If your workspace has ID authentication method enabled you can switch between allowing your users and collaborators accessing their accounts either with a password and using an ID authentication method or restrict them only to be able to access their account with an ID authentication method.

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