Contract Lifecycle Management for Legal Teams

New powerful systems ensure compliance, transparency in processes while reducing manual tasks and workloads. Create company-wide self-service templates for contracts, collaborate with stakeholders, set up approval and signing flows, track and manage your documents — all from one controlled workspace.

Innovative companies using Avokaado

Delegate low-value and high-volume contracts to business operations

You no longer need to create documents from scratch - automate your templates and delegate. Standard and repetitive agreements such as NDA, MSA, LOI, Influencer agreement are the first ones to delegate to business units to self-serve. Avoid human errors, wrong template versions, and endless review rounds. Quality of contracts says a lot about the company and its values.

What does it take to draft a contract?

Productivity killers
Traditional Way
Entering the same information several times
Re-using contract's data for a new contract
Drafting several documents at once
Applying formatting and styles
Billingual documents drafting
Tracking terms and deadlines
Up to 78% more efficient

Equip HR team with self-service documents and automated hiring process

Create the suit of all employment documents that don’t require any input from the legal team once the proper set up is done. Enrich the templates with best practises and guidelines, company branding and cover different drafting scenarios with one single template suit. Share templates for collaborative drafting with new employees-to-be, ask to add necessary attachments, negotiate, approve, e-sign - all in one place. Add reminders for probation period tracking or for employment contracts with a term, our reminders will do all the work.

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Close deals faster with the automated sales process

Empower your sales team with automated contracts and digital workflows to get to YES faster. All agreements and steps to the signature could be automated, starting with NDA or MSA, proposals, Specific Terms in B2B sales or Service agreement with KYC documents. It is easy to empower your sales team with self-serve contracts and still keep control over the drafting and processes. With a centralised contract repository, all templates can be easily updated and modified. No document is mishandled or replaced.

No more sending email attachments or scanning documents, waiting for your legal team to create a contract to proceed with a deal. No more waiting for approvals or signatures. Add reminders to ensure no deadline is missed and signed at the right time, get notified about changes and sign digitally - from anywhere, at any time.

Businesses who alreadyavokaado

  • With Avokaado we feel safe and under control now. I really appreciate that I don’t have to send documents onwards and backward for signing. I can track who has seen the document, what are the comments, who have signed.
    Kristi Mets Tele2

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