Contract Lifecycle Management for HR departments

Save time creating, approving, and signing human resources documents with Avokaado. Track and trigger processes from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Innovative companies using Avokaado

Compliant drafting with a few clicks

Use company-wide smart templates to draft your HR contracts 78% faster and ensure compliance with legal requirements: fill in the questionnaire, choose between available options, re-use contract data. With required fields, you can be sure that every HR document is 100% complete before it’s filed.

Now, you can automate this and so much more...

Productivity killers
Traditional Way
Entering the same information several times
Re-using contract's data for a new contract
Drafting several documents at once
Applying formatting and styles
Tracking terms and deadlines
Executing company policies
Up to 78% more efficient

Automated workflow for your HR processes

Close candidates, onboard new hires or terminate contracts efficiently. Share and negotiate contract terms, collect approvals, e-sign - all in one place. No need to collect confirmations and signatures via e-mail or keep track of the progress via Excel.

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Efficient data and document management

The company-wide document templates are in one place and in the latest version. Templates can be easily updated and modified. No HR document is mishandled or replaced. Track the progress, re-use the data and add reminders only to yourself or for all collaborators to ensure no deadline is missed.

Businesses who alreadyavokaado

  • There were a few times I could start and finish drafting a contract with interruptions, it always felt it took 1-2 hours at least, if not more. It also depended on what information was needed to add and how quickly it was possible for me to get the information from the hiring manager or a new employee. Avokaado’s shared editing option solved this data collection bottleneck for me.
    Liisi Kütner a former Recruitment & HR Partner at Viveo Health
  • With Avokaado we feel safe and under control now. I really appreciate that I don’t have to send documents onwards and backward for signing. I can track who has seen the document, what are the comments, who have signed.
    Kristi Mets Tele2

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