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How Avokaado Makes Contract Management in the Construction Industry Simple

The construction industry requires specialized knowledge when it comes to provision of legal services in connection with construction projects, and that’s why you need a reliable partner in order to grow your business in an optimal way.

Construction companies typically have to close multiple deals very quickly in a short space of time, with a high level of legal and financial scrutiny on each action. Multiple parties are involved during the pre-tender and tender procedures, post-tender award, and construction project execution phases, with a large number of stakeholders to satisfy. Contracts have to be right, first time, every time.

Avokaado can help here. Our specialized workspace offers a net gain in both productivity and efficiency when it comes to all matters related to construction contracts. In this article, we’ll talk you through some of the ways our contract lifecycle management software can benefit construction companies.

Benefits of Avokaado in a nutshell:

  • Managing the tendering process transparently
  • Building your reputation as a trustworthy company with which to work
  • Automated contract drafting means time and expense saved
  • Enabling smooth talent management, whatever the location
  • Completely sustainable
  • Working across borders and cultures – bringing an end to misunderstandings

Puts you at the front of the line in the tendering process

Construction contracts are often part of a complex tendering process, requiring the government and other stakeholders in question to stick to a series of immovable rules. Many construction industry professionals have had cause to complain in the past about the arcane nature of the tendering process in a variety of jurisdictions. In this situation, construction documents need to be 100% correct and accurate, and on-time. 

Avokaado can’t change how you feel about being stuck in the middle of a two-stage tendering process, but what it can do is optimize your workflow to make it easier for you to stay on top of requests, correspondence, and submission deadlines. We have designed an integrated workspace that allows you to notify all parties when each stage of a process has been reached and passed, and, just as crucially, which allows you to log and respond to queries and issues, as they happen. 

Whatever the document format preferred by the administrators of the tendering process, Avokaado can work with it. Thanks to this ability to streamline your workflow, you can minimize the possibility of clerical error causing problems for your company in a tendering process, while also ensuring maximum efficiency, so your legal team can focus its time and effort equally on other important matters.

This is how Avokaado’s integrated workspace helps you finalize offers and contracts for your projects faster and reduce errors 👇 

Establishes your company as a trustworthy partner

Sometimes in the heat of a challenging tender process or construction project, the simple things can get forgotten. Particularly if your legal and administrative team are under pressure, the personal touch can necessarily fall by the wayside.

The construction industry runs on relationships, and it’s just a fact of life that the sooner you get back to a key stakeholder with detailed and precise documentation, the smoother your collaboration will be, and the easier it will be to proceed on-time and on-budget. 

Thanks to Avokaado’s controlled document editing environment, you can delegate and share documents with full control over approval of changes made, and no need for disruptive email threads that pull your entire team out of its flow.

This means you can now add parties as viewers or collaborators, share documents for drafting or approval, and ask stakeholders to sign contracts, or sign them yourself, while you are on-site, saving vital hours and days. If you have a lot of tasks on your plate, custom deadlines and reminders will keep your eye on the ball.

Takes the guesswork out of contract drafting

Avokaado’s automated contract drafting means that whether your company is liaising with the government, landowners, or individuals, legal document automation is easy, while allowing for the accuracy you need. Avokaado has a library of contract templates that can be applied to a wide variety of situations, and which can be customized to your needs. However, should you decide that you want to create your own contract from scratch, this is also possible within minutes.

Automated contract drafting helps all parties on all types of construction contracts, by saving on time and expenditure, in an industry where every minute counts. Whether it’s a standard construction contract you want to draw up or a residential construction contract with specific demands, our templates will guide you.


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Allows for easy and efficient signing-up of skilled labor

One of the biggest problems facing the construction industry is recruitment, and that is more the case now than ever before. The market for skilled labor in the construction industry has never been so competitive. Even if you have found a recruitment portal or recruitment agency that is able to reliably connect you with top talent in the fields and job areas you need, there’s the problem of preparing their contracts, and getting them to sign them within the necessary timescale. 

Likely, with specialised roles, each contract will have to be prepared individually, taking up the time of your legal team. They need every other part of the process to be as efficient as possible, and that’s why Avokaado makes contract viewing and amendment, and digital signing, as easy as possible. 

Get your specialists through the door fast with effective contract management, and focus on the other aspects of your construction project, with Avokaado.

Emphasises your commitment to sustainability and collaboration

Collaboration and communication is essential, just as establishing a good working relationship with stakeholders is key to getting deals done, especially in the highly competitive construction industry. With the changes the world has gone through in recent years, corporations and governments have had to change radically the way they work.

This includes in the creation and verification of documents. A truly sustainable and well-managed workplace is one which avoids printed documents, courier services, and the need for face-to-face meetings as far as possible, streamlining the processing of legal documents and smoothing your workflow. 

Avokaado is paperless and frictionless. What this means is you can prepare contracts and other legal documents, involve your legal team in a version-controlled collaboration process where necessary, notify your colleagues and stakeholders of changes, send contracts, and receive signatures, all within the application. 

Keeps your staffing matters in order – even across borders

Getting construction commissions means, as we have said, hiring the right staff and issuing them all with specific contracts, but it also means getting your administrative side in order, and making sure those contracts are legally watertight.

This issue becomes doubly important when you work on a construction project in a different country to your head office. You may be hiring project leads, foremen, and builders from a job market you have not operated in before. It’s daunting for any business, let alone one handling tenders worth tens or hundreds of millions of euros or dollars.

Your contract workflow process can be optimized if you run it through Avokaado. Our cloud-based document management system allows you to store and sort your contracts after signing in a secure document management system. This allows you to access, create, and send contracts from anywhere, at any time.

Everyone in all related offices uses the same templates, on the same platform – all up-to-date and fully compliant. 

Build your future with Avokaado

By overseeing your company’s contract lifecycle automation with Avokaado, you can be sure you’re in control of every aspect of your project, even if you aren’t physically in the country where it’s taking place.

Customizable construction contracts, simultaneous document collaboration and online document signing means that while you’re in control of the changes made, there is also no need for delays or misunderstandings due to working across cultures:

  • All stakeholders are working within a common workspace
  • Tax boards and revenue services in other countries can be kept updated
  • This rubber-stamps your company’s reputation as one which can be relied-upon.


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