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Contract Clinic:
Check Up and Improve Your Contract Management Process

We will get on a 45 minute call with your team to:

  • Identify your current situation and challenges
  • Uncover the #1 thing holding you and your team back
  • Develop a 3-step Action Plan to achieve desired results

Totally free of charge!

manage people and contracts with ease

These teams are already benefitting from
contract lifecycle management and automated workflows:

Who would benefit the most from participating in Contract Clinic?

  • Businesses of different sizes up to 500 employees, with or without in-house lawyer or legal department
  • Businesses which see legal department as business enablers not back-office workers and want to achieve more with limited resources
  • Businesses who need processes for different contract related workflows with approvals and signing
  • Businesses which operate in heavily regulated industries where compliance of the legal documents is a business-critical priority such as: Fintech, Technology, Real estate & Construction, Telecom, Public Sector & Logistics, Retail, Medical & Healthcare, Startups & Scaleups

Mariana Hagström, Founder & CEO at Avokaado

Mariana Hagström is an attorney-at-law and legal tech startup founder who has been practising corporate and information technology law for more than 10 years before the transition from the legal practise to legal tech in 2016.

Today Mariana is fully dedicated to helping businesses and their legal teams to succeed with digitalization and gain operational efficiency without increasing the cost.

Together with the Avokaado team Mariana has created a number of signature programs like Contract Clinic and has helped hundreds of legal and business teams from the Baltics and the Nordics to Poland and Germany to start with Contract Lifecycle Management and automated workflows.

How the Contract Clinic works:


Application review & discovery call

Start with these simple steps:

  • Fill in the application form
  • Give us time to review the form
  • Participate in the discovery call

A 45-min session with you & your team

We’ll arrange the call to:

  • Understand your current challenges
  • Find the bottlenecks blocking your contracting process
  • What you’d like to improve
  • What resources you have
  • How using the newest technology can be of help

Process map & next steps

We’ll get back to you with:

  • Suggestions on how to overcome your #1 challenge
  • A process map design for your team on how to improve your current contracting processes towards a more efficient contract lifecycle management

Kick-start your legal tech journey today!

Elevate your company’s contract lifecycle management with Avokaado.

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